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Rodglo 04-08-2006 12:42 PM

raise trailer
We have a 1971 27 foot international. I would like to raise it a few inches for better clearance can this be done ??

Rodney in Saskatchewan:angel:

JimGolden 04-08-2006 12:57 PM


Sure can. Check out your axles. Look at the swing arms that the wheels attach to. If they're close to horizontal, they're worn out. They probably are on a trailer that old.

You can replace the axles pretty easily. When you order the new ones, tell them you want a 35 degree down angle. They were originally around 22.5 degrees down. Going to the bigger angle, plus starting out with new ones vs. the almost-guaranteed-to-be-worn originals should get you 3-4".

Andy sells Henschen axles at Inland RV. Dexter and Axis are both popular options I've seen guys talk about. I have Dexters on my 10,000lb flat bed and have had no troubles with them. Nice thing about Dexter is their price and they seem to make a good product. You have to tell them exactly what you want. Henschen made them originally. They're more expensive, but if you order them through Andy, he will handle making sure you get the ones that fit your trailer just right.

The one's on my '77 are totally worn out and I'll need to get new ones myself.

Take care,

markdoane 04-08-2006 01:06 PM


Welcome to the Airstream Forums.

Here is an design manual for Dexter axles, if you are comforable going with that brand.

In addition to Jim's suggestion of 35 degree down angle, you can get the Dexter axles with "high profile" brackets. They give you another 1" of clearance.

Much more than that can affect your center of gravity and make handling less stable in high speed corners. If thats a problem. :)

It sounds like a fun project.

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