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Bnoel13 11-20-2020 04:16 PM

Come and get it
I have a late 70s airstream excella 500 that was abandoned in a state of disrepair. The frame in the front has rusted beyond repair, so it wont be towed again. I have it up on blocks where it will stay forever. I am turning it into my stained glass workshop, so I'm gutting it. If you desire any parts from it, they're yours if you come get them. Gotta hurry though... I'm getting anxious to get this done. I am in Freeport, ohio. Use this thread to ask if something specific is available.


Busted 11-20-2020 04:32 PM

Is this a mid bath model and if so what condition is the shower pan in? Thanks for your time

Bnoel13 11-20-2020 06:09 PM

Seems solid. Took some pics. It's a little dirty. But I'm not trying to sell the stuff... so... send me a PM with an email to send the pics.

Bnoel13 11-20-2020 06:21 PM

Pics of things and stuff
4 Attachment(s)
Some things and stuff.

Bnoel13 11-20-2020 06:28 PM

There's tires and rims... tires are dryrotted, but hold air.. so.. they're worthless.. axle seems in good shape.. die cast lettering is intact... as long as it doesnt impact the hull integrity, I'm not attached and would be pleased if it completes someone's restoration.

Busted 11-20-2020 07:39 PM

Appreciate the pictures. Can't get to our Airstream at the moment to get measurements of the pan. We are in Virginia working, Airstream is in Knoxville Tn, waiting for us to get back and finish our renovation. We have an '86 Excella 32 with street side shower and I'm just not sure if it would work. Maybe someone will chime in with more knowledge. Thanks

Argosy 7728 11-21-2020 10:28 AM

Do you have the sink covers and the flip up shelf at the end of the counter

Bnoel13 11-21-2020 10:59 AM

I dont think I have the covers, but I'll dig around more... the shelf is in good shape though.

coleman1 11-21-2020 12:44 PM

I just finished restoration of a “88 Excella 1000 32” and from what I can see of the pics it is the same shower pan. The orientation on mine is seat on the roadside and floor/drain on the center. I’d say it was a good gamble to grab it. The price seems fair enough.

Bnoel13 11-21-2020 12:57 PM

That is the same orientation as mine.

Busted 11-21-2020 10:28 PM

Would really appreciate some more pictures. I would be driving in from just outside of Richmond Va if I can work it out to come and get it. Drain is centered on mine, but, I guess that's the joy of owning an older Airstream Email; Thanks again. Site would not let me send PM.

Lorelai66 11-21-2020 11:03 PM

Does anyone know if the monitor and control panels would work in my 1995 Classic. It was recovered 18 months after being stolen. Most of the front - galley forward was stripped except the sink and stove. The interior wiring seems to be intact for the most part. the monitor and control panels, all light fixtures etc are missing . I will be replacing the converter as well. The 50amp plug was cut off.

Bnoel13 11-22-2020 07:52 AM

I'll snap more pics today.

MWoodland 11-25-2020 11:58 AM

Where are you located?

steve46 11-25-2020 12:18 PM

First, thanks for reaching out to help others in the hobby.
I am looking for several items for a 1976 25’ Airstream:
—Curtains/drapes, principally to use as patterns for new ones to be made
—awnings, both sides and rear
—front rockguard
—front gaucho
—vinyl room divider
—screen door guards
Thanks, I appreciate any help you could offer.

Ky76Argosy 11-25-2020 03:14 PM

Type/size refrigerator if looks like could work, igniter, rock guards? Interested and would like pics? Donít want to be a bother. Be Safe

Bnoel13 11-25-2020 07:12 PM

Got pulled out of town the past few days. I'll be working in the trailer tonight. The fridge isnt there anymore. It was replaced with some rusty pos that doesnt shut. There are curtains... most of them I believe. I'll answer the rest of the questions when I can look up what most of those other things are.

Bnoel13 11-27-2020 09:28 AM

The Forum wasn't cooperating with me uploading photos. It probably has something to do with my crazy ass network setup out here in the middle of nowhere. Instead I just uploaded a bunch of photos to my Google Drive and made that folder public. Here it is.

I'm going to start pulling things out of there tomorrow. I will be careful all the things that anyone asked me about.

Donster 11-27-2020 02:00 PM

Stove vent hood
Do you have the stove vent hood and/or fan? I have a 1967 Tradewinds and pulled the chain the last time we used it (over the 4th of July we camped in a back pasture at our Farm because....Covid).

Post a photo...

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