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dbj216 11-16-2020 03:23 PM

Replacement, Upgrade Vintage Airstream Entry Door Lockset
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I need some experienced advice please. I want to upgrade the entry door lockset on my 1975 Overlander 27'. It currently has a KT lockset. The trailer entry door has a formed aluminum frame, not the thick cast aluminum one of the sixties trailers. I estimate the lock setback is about 1 1/2", not the the long 3 1/2" needed for the cast door frames, e.g 1969 Globetrotter Bargman L-100 lock set with that long bolt length.

Rebuilt KT locksets are horribly expensive and not worth it. And they are not available right now anyway. I need a better alternative than that.

I know I have to make a patch for the door skin to upgrade the lock set. I know some modification to the screen door frame may be needed. And I may have to reposition the striker in the door jam.

My father in law some 25 years ago replaced the lockset on the family 86 Limited 34' we inherited. It is worked well through the years. Here are photos of that lockset. This lockset says TriMark on the back of the lever handle. It is about 3" wide and about 4" high. I see similar locksets for sale, but don't know a good brand. I don't want a keyless entry system. Just another thing to go wrong.

What have you vintage Airstreamers done to upgrade your locksets? What lockset did you buy, and what modifications were needed, and lastly: does it work well?

Thank you kindly,


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