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djp1162 10-30-2020 11:20 AM

Water Pump Replacement
I have a 2019 30ft International and the water pump sucks! It was replaced once because the backflow valve failed and kept filling up my fresh water tank. The second one isnít any better. Every time I use it the problem starts again and I have to run the pump with and without city water to TRY and get the backflow to close. It took 3 or 4 attempts over the course of 2-days to get it to stop!

Honestly, I think the Surflo is a piece of crap for such an important piece of equipment in a self-contained Ďhomeí.

Itís also incredibly LOUD and takes a few minutes to purge the air every time I move. Itís either the pump or Airstreamís installation design is at fault. I have ZERO skills in this are so no idea on what to do next.

Any suggestions on a different pump altogether and NOT Surflo?

Current: Shurflo model 4008-101-A65
Flow: 3 gpm
Serial #: 931268


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