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walnutlvr 10-29-2020 11:46 AM

NEWBIE - initial cleaning, what to look for
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As the title suggests, newbie here.

Picked up a 1974 31’ Excella 500 (Sovereign) center bath. It’s in pretty good shape and all original inside. Some water intrusion and dry rot subfloor in a couple areas which we’ll be fixing. Window tints are shot and will need to be dealt with as well.

Plan is to keep it in place - maybe move a few times, but it’ll be a farm-specific guest house in Northern California.

As we’ve been cleaning, there is evidence of mouse droppings which have been there a while (visible hole in subfloor at front of trailer, apricot pits, nibbles). We plan to seal everything up, but we’re wondering if we should consider anything major to expose re nesting and insulation: remove skins, subfloor, take the darn thing apart to get down and dirty...ugh.

We’re not afraid of doing this kind of job, just don’t know if it’s necessary.

We hadn’t planned to gut this thing and really don’t want to. However, we want to be mindful on how to navigate this so we’re able to address what needs to be addressed.

Some photos attached of interior.

Thank you in advance for your copious amount of knowledge!

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