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HankO 10-28-2020 10:55 PM

Ok I've really done it now!
After being hit with a cold snap in Salmon, Idaho for 3 days I turned the water back into the trailer and found leak on a T that seems to be the Cold water line coming in from the line that is connected to the the outside connection.

I cut out the the tee and was in the process of fixing it when I put a little too much pressure on the pipe and it broke on a 90* elbow behind the hot water tank against the outside wall, the elbow is in a impossible spot to fix from inside the trailer. It looks like to me, my only solution to fixing this pipe is to get that tank out of there somehow so I can have access to that broken elbow.

Has anyone had to fix a pipe behind there hot water tank and if so what am I up against.

Hank O

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