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Doczwak 10-22-2020 10:10 PM

1970s Dometic Refrigerator Magic Fingers Fastener
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Good evening,

Does anyone know of a source for the fastening strip that attaches magic fingers to the door of the refrigerator? The strip hooks into the holes on the door portion of bottom shelf and then holds the magic fingers to stop bottles from moving/rattling. Also, if anyone has the strip and may be willing to let me 3D scan it and then return it to them that would awesome (long shot, I know, but canít hurt to ask!).



Doczwak 10-22-2020 10:16 PM

Wanted Dometic part #581703014
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I should mention that Dometic sent me the following info:

Item #14 in the schematic
Part # 581703014

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