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93Sovereign 10-20-2020 04:15 PM

Shower/bath wall questions
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Iím looking for advice on interior wall refinishing. I have a 1993 21í Sovereign that is due for a number repairs and upgrades. One area in need of attention is the rear corner bathroom.

Iíve read several wall refinishing posts here which have been helpful, however, Iím still unsure about the best approach for my enclosed shower and toilet area. Iíd like to convert the vinyl covered walls and wall papered panels to an aluminum finish. In both the shower and toilet area (see attached photos).

1. My first choice would be to strip and use the existing aluminum panels. I understand stripping is a big job, but my bathroom small and Iím willing to give it a try. Assuming I can successfully strip and apply wax(?) to the aluminum, will the aluminum panels hold up ok in the wet environment? Iíve read here that clear coating aluminum is complicated and that some people have had success waxing interior aluminum walls. We donít use the shower that often and we wipe down the walls after use, therefore I wonder if we might get away with uncoated & waxed aluminum.

2. If the above is unlikely to work and I will regularly deal with oxidation, I believe an alternative is to install new panels. Based on my reading here it appears stainless would be the way to go or alclad aluminum? If replacing the panels is best option, would it be best to simply overlay new panels on the existing or remove the existing panels and replace with new? Something I find unusual is there are very few visible rivets on the shower aluminum panels. Iím unsure how Airstream installed the shower is in the drivers side rear corner of the trailer.

Thanks in advance for any insights.

Bubba L 10-20-2020 04:47 PM

You may want to consider a product like Ames Paint & Prime. It can be tinted and covers metal, wood and other materials. We caulked our shower in the 55 with a polyurethane caulk and will paint the interior with Ames next week. It is elastomeric and waterproof so not concerned with movement Or moisture in an RV. I will cover the Ames with FRP. Kinda belt and suspenders approach so we donít have leaks. Iím sure there are other products designed for wet areas. Maybe others will chime in with suggestions. Good luck

93Sovereign 10-21-2020 02:01 PM

Thanks for the reply and suggestion. Painting is certainly an alternative as well. Should I take this avenue, I assume if would first strip the vinyl from the aluminum? Also, I would like to paint the shower basin and shower end cap (beleive both are plastic....or Fiberglas) - would this same product work?

Thanks again for the suggestion.

Bubba L 10-21-2020 05:58 PM

Tom, I would remove the vinyl from the aluminum. We did that on our 66 using Citristrip then primed the wall with Kilz Adhesion before the finish coat of Zolatone. If you strip small areas of vinyl at a time, you can cover the wet Citristrip with a piece of plastic taped to the wall to allow it to work longer before drying. Smells good too. As far as painting your existing shower basin and end cap, google the specifications on the Ames. I just donít know how impact resistant it is, as in walking on it.

93Sovereign 10-23-2020 12:55 PM

Thanks Bubba. I appreciate the help!

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