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lobsta 10-20-2020 11:23 AM

Leak in the wall - where to start
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2004 25í International CCD
Iím the second owner, just brought it back to RI from AZ this summer. It is in really good shape. Earlier this summer, the previous owner had the roof sealed at the Tucson Airstream dealer. A new heat pump was installed several years ago.

I detected a leak the other day.
Thought it was the range exhaust vent.
I am in the process of replacing that - youíll see blue painters tape holding a temporary cover in place.

It rained again today, I found it is still leaking. I've included a few photos of the situation - hoping to get some suggestions on where I should start!

Photo #1
I determined it is INSIDE the wall where the solar/battery control panel is.
See the red arrow - water was dripping on the inside of the wall just above where the arrow is pointing. Notice this is to the right (inside), left (outside) of the exhaust vent.

Photo #2
I inspected the outside rivets to the left of the vent - they appear to be in good shape.

Photo #3
View of the awning rail with the bead of sealant along the entire edge and sealant on each screw. Looks OK, but not 100% sure if the minor cracking is an issue.

Photo #4
Zoom in on the rail directly above the leak

Photo #5
Roof, showing the newer heat pump

panamerican 10-20-2020 11:34 AM

A pressure test should provide a better look where the leaks are coming from. Many dealer service centers have this machine and I know the factory service center has one too. It really makes tracking down the leaks far more efficient.

ROBERT CROSS 10-20-2020 11:44 AM

Welcome Aboard 👍
I would cover that awning seam,(arrow in pic), with wide blue painters tape,(quick test) or Gorilla duct tape, (more sticky) and hose the seam directly with a moderate running hose, no spray.

Actually covering all suspected leaks, and removing one at a time until leak is revealed would help eliminate all possibilities.

Good Luck


BayouBiker 10-20-2020 11:53 AM

a little suction cup works great to find leaky rivets. Then Bob's tape trick on seams. I tape everything directly uphill from the place the leak presents. Use a level gauge on the inner skin ceiling as water can travel. Then I flow the water for 15 or 20 minutes. If no leak I untape a few places and continue till I find the source.

KYShelby 10-20-2020 12:06 PM

Leak in the wall - where to start
Perfect timing on this sore subject, my 2005 Classic is leaking in two locations. Thanks for the suggestions, good luck on locating your leaks.

tbashin 10-21-2020 02:15 PM

My money is on picture #4 area. I think every so often you need to remove that mounting piece and redo it. Just recaulking the screw threads then over the heads may not do it. Same goes for under the awning arm brackets.

lobsta 10-21-2020 07:39 PM

Thanks all for the great suggestions!

Bob, I tried covering the rail with blue painters tape, but it didn't stick well (it was misty) - good idea to try duct tape. But I may just apply new sealant since I"m running out of warm days.

tbashin - after reading your comment, it seems like that's probably the best fix that would give me years of leak free service. But it feels like a big job to take on with so few warm weekends left in the year.

I am planning on resealing the awning rail seam this weekend.

57Vintage 10-21-2020 07:56 PM

Here's an older thread on using the suction cup that you may find useful.

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