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KelloggKid 09-16-2020 05:14 PM

Cracked Window Rock Guard
My curbside window rock guard took a hit from a rock thrown by a passing car. There is a very small pin head sized chip on the outside. When viewed from the inside however, there are 3-4 cracks emanating outward. These cracks do not go all the way through to the outside.

I've searched and found multiple threads on the topic which contain conflicting suggestions for a cure. I have two questions:

1) If I do nothing are these cracks likely to grow? Previous postings are split about 50/50 on this question.

2) If they are likely to grow I will drill small stop holes at the end of each crack and apply a solvent to "weld" the polycarbonate. The question is what solvent would be appropriate? Some previous postings suggest acetone and other postings say that will cause the polycarbonate to shatter.

I don't have $600 laying around so replacing the panel is not an option.

Thanks for your thoughtful responses.....

Leilanisteve 09-16-2020 05:32 PM

Following. Iíve one going too.

SpinWhite 09-16-2020 05:40 PM

I drilled the small holes then applied supper glue.

KelloggKid 09-17-2020 04:21 PM

Does anyone see a problem with using this stuff?

Halford1 09-17-2020 04:57 PM

possible to do Rock Chip repair at any auto Glass shops?

dznf0g 09-17-2020 05:17 PM

First off, unless things have changed, they are not polycarbonate, but rather plexiglass. A long time ago, there was a discussion about replacing the smoked material buying sheets locally.

The debate was whether one could use polycarbonate, or would the bend result in breakage?? A large oven would help, but who has one big enough??

My star cracks have never run, and some are 7 or 8 years old. One of these days, I will procure sheets of plexi and disassemble the frames and replace. Conventional wisdom was that plexi can make the bend with some prudent heat gun help.

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