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HappyHapgood 09-15-2020 10:06 PM

Barker 3500 jack tried to spontaneously combust...
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Our 2015 LandYacht came with a Barker 3500 jack. Itís always been a bit finicky (limit switches), but three days ago it really croaked.

We hitched up uneventfully and drove a few hours to our next camping spot (Dinosaur). When we stopped and I walked back to start unhitching I could smell a burning odor. Sniffed around and it was coming from the jack.

Two stops and a bit of hand racking later, Iíve located a Husky 5000 in Bozeman. Was in a bit of a rush to find a replacement as I can crank the jack but my wife cannot.

From other posts here the Husky should be an easy replacement.

Anyone know the bolt hole size that Iíll need to drill On the frame to turn the head 90 degrees?

HappyHapgood 09-15-2020 10:48 PM

If anyone needs Barker 3500 parts, let me know ASAP. Otherwise this one goes in the trash tomorrow.

HappyHapgood 09-16-2020 03:52 PM

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Well, maybe the reason it tried to spontaneously combust has something to do with this? Prior owner turned the head 120 degrees for increased clearance of his truck bed.

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