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Jenway 09-15-2020 08:51 PM

Newbie Airstream Owner/window help
Hey there!
After much searching my husband and I brought home our 1997 Airstream Safari this weekend! And the honeymoon ended there because She was dry upon inspection when we bought her but after driving her home 3 hours in torrential rain we found leaking windows (amongst other things!). We’ve called local airstream dealerships and they didn’t sound like they were interested in replacing/resealing them...where do we start?! Can we buy new gaskets? Thank you for any advice from some excited-turned nervous newbies!

Belegedhel 09-15-2020 09:25 PM

Welcome to the Forums!

Well, don't call off the honeymoon because the bride showed up a little leaky. The window seals surely dry out and crack in almost 25 years, and they are just one of those maintenance items. You can buy the replacement seals from online resources like or You may also have rubber gaskets surrounding the grey and black water tank vents on the roof. Those typically only last about 5 years. Check those as well. The door and hatch seals are all subject to aging as well...

But now that you know the seals leak, things may get ugly. Get yourself an ice pick or sharp little screw driver, and poke at the floor all along the perimeter of the walls (especially under the windows, around the hatches, behind the refrigerator, etc.), and look for rotten subfloor. If you have a pre-nup (just to maintain the analogy), now would be the time to really look at it. By the way, the rubber rods in the elastomer-based suspension only last about 20 years. If those are the originals, you may be needing to replace those as well.

As long as your subfloor isn't rotting away beneath you, and the rear end isn't separating, it is just part of the wedding bliss associated with a vintage trailer (wow--1993 is vintage these days!). Then again, rotting subfloor and rear end separation really is a hallmark of vintage trailers...

There are plenty of threads on these forums bout identifying axles in need of replacement, step-by-step replacement of seals, inspecting rotten subfloors, etc.., so hunt around, and feel free to ask, if you can't find what you are looking for.

So, welcome, and congratulations, and good luck!

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