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davidz71 10-17-2002 09:09 AM

78 Excella 500
My apologies to the owner of the '78 Excella 500 for losing the thread in which they mentioned the weight of their trailer as 8500 lbs. I think it was the other Craig but not sure. One of us is going to have to change our names. Anyway, as I mentioned in my reply, the gross vehicle weight rating is 8500 lbs. and factory dry weight for your trailer can be determined by going to, clicking on FAQ, scroll down until you see the question about "What is my trailer weight?", click on it then click on "weights". It will give you trailer wts. from around 1956 until present including some of the motorhomes. You will see different weights for rear bath, mid bath, different beds etc. Since your Excella, like mine, comes with a number of options in the package, your dry wt. is heavier than a Sovereign. My rear bath twin bed '77 Excella has a factory wt. of 5880 without options or variable wts. (I think in a previous post I said 5860). I did the calculations in my owners manual and with two 40 aluminum tanks, full 6 gal. water heater wt. of 50 lbs., full freshwater tank of 373 lbs., I am running a wt. of 6483 lbs. without cargo. I can add a max. of 2017 lbs. in personal cargo. I'm probably towing no more than 7000 lbs. when loaded because I do not travel with the fresh water tank filled. You can do the calculations in your owners manual where it will give you step by step directions on weights but the best thing to do is have it weighed. My whole trailer weighed 5680 connected to my truck, road side was 2840, curb side was 2740 and tongue weight off truck was 1160 lbs. I need to go back and check the wt. of the entire trailer disconnected from the truck to give me an exact wt.

Craig 10-17-2002 12:46 PM


It was me - the other Craig. What I was actually looking for was a place to find tow ratings on potential tow vehicles (the Suburban in particular). My 78 is almost identical in weight to your 77.


dmreilly10000 10-17-2002 02:11 PM

Very interesting weight table. My 1953 Overlander may really be a Cruiser. I don't see Overlander listed for 1953.

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