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febbraro 09-02-2020 09:12 AM

LED Recessed Light Replacement
Hello everyone, first time posting here.

We just got our first AS, a 2015 19" International Serenity. It has some wear but is generally in good working order. We noticed today that some of the recessed lights in the overhead cubbies were either dim/half power or out completely. These are LED lights.

1) Is it normal for these lights to go out like that (I would have assumed LEDs would last longer) or is this an indication of a different/bigger problem?

2) If it is normal and I just need to replace them, can are they replaced? And where do you typically buy the replacements? I am a pretty competent DIYer, at least for things like this.

Thanks for your help/advice.

BayouBiker 09-03-2020 05:56 PM

Welcome! No it is not common for them to be dim or out. I would first suspect a wiring issue. You can get them all online easily but I would check the connections and wiring first. You pry the inner bezels first with a razor blade then a plastic trim tool to remove the light assembly to get to the wire leads.

eagle5 09-06-2020 09:39 PM

I’ve had a few go bad.
Easier to replace the fixture, but cheaper to replace just the LED.
Found some on they required some trimming and not quite the same color but Much cheaper.
If you’re good with electronics, might just be a lose solder.

Posse96 09-23-2020 02:51 PM

For a 2015 model, the LEDs should last longer. For those dimmer or out, are those lights on a dimmer? It may be the dimmer is bad and you're getting fluctuation in the current from the dimmer. This happens with household LED dimmers.

If you have to change the lights, which is something I'm doing now to upgrade from the horrid cool white LEDs (I have a 2016 19' CB Flying Cloud), you may have to change out the entire fixture. Not all Airstreams are the same.

I have found that the LED recessed lights, the bulb cannot be changed, at least with 2016 and up. You have to change out the entire fixture. It's the prior year trailers with the Halogen bulb where the bulb can be switched out to the LED wafer bulb.

I love the site below for Airstream OEM parts and they have a large light section. My dealer wants $300/light for new fixtures. This site for OEM is $48/light. I can easily cut remove, cut the wire, splice and install myself.

waninae39 09-23-2020 05:44 PM

We used the strip lights from home depot and LeeValley
From those sources you can:
1 Choose colours from yellow wzrm through day light out to blue cool light
2 the straps come in lowe 30, mid 60 and high 120 - the number indicates the num of led /meter
3 ps for lights
4 dimmers for the led
5 some strips have the three primary colours thus can generate any colour, useful for some outside applications

I took apart the cheap inside led and replaced each with 4 strips of led in on each edge of the inside frame.
Now we get very even daylight colour inside

Posse96 10-12-2020 10:05 PM

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Update for me. I didn't change out the fixtures to the warm lights. Followed other members suggestions to use lighting gels. My friend and I cut out some disks and it worked out really well. I used this gel sheet

Simply removed the lens cover with a box cutter

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