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Mopperator 08-10-2020 12:40 PM

Dometic Fridge Pilot?
My 1963 propane only dometic M50 a fridge Burner lights and stays lit. I get a flame at the base of my burner barrel assembly that jumps around a bit. Is this the pilot? Sometimes it goes out but gets re lit by the blue burner flame. I just donít know if itís working correctly as I havenít used it in 15 years. Thanks in advance for your knowledge!

rmkrum 08-10-2020 03:41 PM

Sounds more like a gas leak burning in the wrong place. Iíd have a gas refrigerator tech look at it.

Mopperator 08-10-2020 06:15 PM

So I just figured where the pilot lights and learned that it only stays lit when I hold down the button.

rmkrum 08-10-2020 06:27 PM

That points to a bad thermocouple that might have a bad electrical connection to the gas valve or it has actually failed...

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