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Peytonh 08-06-2020 04:27 PM

1966-68 airstream window frame piece missing
Hi everyone, I recently got a 1968 Overlander Land Yacht which I've lifted the shell off and am in the process of building a new frame. I was taking off the window bars from the slot or "hinge" on the window frames themselves to clean up and put in new windows. All are intact except for the front large 39" window. The hinge piece at the top of the frame that the window slides on to has been cut or bent off of the frame so there's no where to slide the window bar on to anymore. Any ideas of how to fix it and still have the window open and close? or does anyone happen to have parts from the three year period of this window style 66-68. I've searched around online and several websites sell the replacement hinge for the windows but I haven't had any luck finding the frame itself anywhere. Maybe I could take the top part of the frame off and weld on a thin piece of aluminum to it to remake the hinge? seems kind of tight to do that though.

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