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groundhogy 07-23-2020 07:42 PM

EU2000i starts, imediately dies..
Gas cap is unscrewed.
Fuel pump puts fuel into the bowl.
?Starting fluid seems to have no effect.
New and clean carb.

Unit had not been started in a couple years.
I found a bit of old gas in the tank beforehand.
I poured a small amout of new gas in, swished around and emptied. Did this 2-3 times.
Then before first start attempt, I unscrewed fuel bowl screw and pulled cord til some of the fuel spilled out in attempt to get to fresh gas.

Then start attempts began.

I pulled carb again, but jets were still clear.

ROBERT CROSS 07-23-2020 07:59 PM

Welcome Aboard 👍
Sitting that long with ethanol gas= a carb disassembly and cleaning. e-free gas and StaBil will help.
I have a 2000i dual fuel Honda. e-free Petrol & LP.
Run it on both, drain carb, for storage and keep fresh gas in it. Run it problems in 15 Seasons.


PB_NB 07-23-2020 08:35 PM

^^ What Bob said x2

Running premium gas is a must to keep these little engines running well. Mine gets started up every few months to keep the fuel moving.

Also, I have a BMW electric car with a little generator onboard and it only gets premium (no ethanol gas). Too expensive to fix if the injectors get gummed up with buildup.

I would rather spend my money on Airstream swag :)

groundhogy 07-23-2020 08:54 PM

Original post says new carb, and disassembled and cleaned before start attempts.

Then jets checked after unit started and quit several times.

PB_NB 07-23-2020 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by groundhogy (Post 2387924)
Original post says new carb, and disassembled and cleaned before start attempts.

Then jets checked after unit started and quit several times.

Sorry about that. Looks like you have been working on this for bit trying to get it running.

With the obvious things out of the way, like the fuel is flowing to the carb, Perhaps the cap is not breathing so try loosening it a few turns.

Choke is connected? when the carb was removed and reinstalled did the choke linkage get reinstalled? Try starting without the air cleaner attached.

Main power on/off switch is working?

Spark plug is connected and in good shape?

Did you try priming it with a small squirt of gas right before trying to start it?

That's all I can think of at this point without pulling mine apart. Hope this helps!

OTRA15 07-23-2020 09:26 PM

Try new spark plug, and check wire to plug? How old is this gen?

groundhogy 07-23-2020 10:02 PM

New coil module. Comes with the plug cap and wire.
I just pulled and observed the spark and to me it looks good.

ROBERT CROSS 07-24-2020 06:37 AM

Unplug or replace the in line fuel filter.


OTRA15 07-24-2020 06:39 AM

Bingo -- clogged with debris from old gas?

emelaich01 07-24-2020 10:38 AM

Honda EU2000i Quits
There's a pilot jet, top of the carburetor that can get partially or completely plugged. May cause rough, intermittent or no running and it's easily overlooked when the carb is removed for cleaning. Check out this link:

Try this cleaning method outdoors with an ultrasonic cleaner: put your carb in a heavy-duty Ziploc bag and fill enough to cover with ethanol-free gas. Place the bag in the tank's reservoir and fill with water to cover and run about 10 min. That's about all the time the bag will last but that should help clean any passages that might have residual particulates in them.

If you don't have access to a cleaner, use a hypodermic syringe and force 90% or better isopropyl alcohol through the passages. And pay particular attention to the needle and seat in the bowl. If the rubber tip on the needle is indented by the seat, it's time for a new one. Finally, check to make sure the float and needle move freely holding the carb upright.

I did the ultrasonic cleaner on my Honda mower carb after everything else failed. Whatever it was did the trick. Hopefully, the above video will help you get up and running again!

telcoman 07-24-2020 10:42 AM

I had the same issue and took it in to Honda. they had to take it apart and clean the fuel line. The guy said it has a low point where varnish builds up if you leave them sitting too long. He said you should run it every month or 2 to prevent that. I do that, but since it sometimes has to sit for 6 months I bought some Aspen which is a fuel substitute. Aspen is pricey but it works. It does not break down. I fill it with that, run it for awhile and then leave it. When it goes back into regular use I recover as much of the aspen out of it as I can and use regular fuel.

azflycaster 07-24-2020 10:50 AM

My EU1000 was low on oil and had the same symptom. The oil light would come on for a second or less, but it is easy to miss.

Wazbro 07-24-2020 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by azflycaster (Post 2388098)
My EU1000 was low on oil and had the same symptom. The oil light would come on for a second or less, but it is easy to miss.

This sounds most likely, low oil or unplugged/bad oil level sensor. Mostly since starting fluid made no difference which would mostly eliminate fuel being cause.

trumpetguy 07-24-2020 11:17 AM

Try a little alcohol in the gas tank. Also I had a problem with the same gen. And it was a clogged spark arrestor.

Hermes 07-24-2020 11:33 AM

EU2000i starts, imediately dies..
Ultimately you could also install a dual fuel (propane/gas) adapter (for example the Hutch Mountain kit) and solve the carburator and bad gas problems by running it on propane (right off your AS or with an extra 20lb tank you could also use for your BBQ). With propane the generator will always stay clean and bone dry when in storage (and it will start!).

devilsbox 07-24-2020 11:46 AM

My 2000 did this, it turned out there is a recall on the spark plug terminal were it connects to the spark plug. You can temp fix by bending the metal so it contacts the spark plug better. Do a search, there is a thread about it that I started.

groundhogy 07-24-2020 11:51 AM

Ooh thats good stuff.
I will try those things and report back.
If I need a plug, I will probably need to go to the next town over.

OTRA15 07-24-2020 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by devilsbox (Post 2388120)
. . .
. . . there is a thread about it that I started.

Excellent . . . thanks:

groundhogy 07-24-2020 02:04 PM

Ok, I’m on my way to pick up a new plug.
The one in there is mostly unused, but at leat a year old. NGK CR5HSB. Looks wet from pulling cord.

Oil looked a bit low so I topped it up to almost pouring out. Did nothing.

Now, the unit seems to have degraded. In the beginning, it was firing. Now nothing.

Question. I set the valves. Spec was 0.15mm in and 0.20mm out. Could I have set them wrong? Maybe I reverse them?

groundhogy 07-24-2020 02:14 PM

I disconnected the on off kill wire.
Looked for the oil sensor kill wire.. looks like it might be in deep. Take off the red covers, then there are another set of black covers around the motor. I think its in there?
Is there another connector I should look for? Or wire?

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