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ghageysh 07-18-2020 08:30 AM

New (to me) 1965 Caravel :)
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So, we went looking for a camper earlier this summer only to find that anything in our size was gone. Fortunately I ended up finding a little Caravel. It's going to need a bit of work but that's kind of what I was looking for :). My husband didn't want to work on another camper (we rebuilt a Shasta a few years ago) but once this little guy showed up in our yard it was all over.

The interior was painted 'Sewage Runoff' brown, the original kitchen is gone, replaced with one regular house kitchen cabinet a 1 way mini fridge, bar sink and badly knocked together DIY two 1" sheets of plywood counter top that sticks out 1 1/2 inches farther than the original would have. In the process of ripping out the old kitchen he dented the wheel well - probably dropped the stove on it and put a crack in the panelling which he then covered with 1" Pine plank panelling -
held in place with 2" screws. This guy was all about brute force technique and even though the kitchen is but a sad memory there are plenty of parts that remain.

It still has the original uppers, the original gauchos and two of the three cone light fixtures as well as the fold up tables and bathroom fixtures, all of the ceiling fixtures and all but one window crank works. The floor is solid, however all of the electrical, plumbing and gas will have to be redone and I want to have the axle checked out and replaced if it's the original.

As far as lovely Sewage Runoff color scheme, that will be painted over - neatly - I'm hoping the PO wasn't in construction, if so...yikes there are things...
Anyway, I've hauled out the futon mattresses he had in there and have ordered new foam for the two gauchos. I'm thinking we have our work cut out for us and should never lament having nothing to do for the next year :lol:

In other words, we're going to have some fun :)

Bubba L 07-18-2020 09:11 AM

Congratulations and welcome. Thatís a great year. Have fun on the renovation and make it to fit your lifestyle and enjoy. Good luck

dbj216 07-18-2020 06:49 PM

Hello from Colorado and welcome to the vintage Airstream hobby. You found a very desirable one. Airstream still builds new 16' trailers for low cost and easy towing. They are fun weekenders or certainly other trips. They are popular but there just isn't a lot of room in them.

Yep, you will have something to do for the next year, or longer. Start a project plan list and identify all the needs this trailer has to make it travel ready for you. You might like the Airstream Trailer Forums near the bottom of the Forums page. Then find Caravel and your year. There are many special "project threads" there that you would learn a lot from. You might like starting your own "project thread" where you can post discoveries as you work on your trailer, and also ask questions like "what the heck is this?".

I had a 66 Trade Wind 24', my son has a 69 Globetrotter 21', and now I have a 75 Overlander 27'. I like the vintage Airstream hobby.


VetteGuy 08-09-2020 03:28 AM

Hello from South Carolina I have a 66 caravel. Original if you need any help or advice or need to know ....just yell I probably done it

docflyboy 08-13-2020 02:36 AM

If you're interested, I'm reproducing all my original casegoods in my '68 Caravel. I'm doing it with a CNC router and will digitize most of my pieces. It will be in Adobe Illustrator. I've got a CNC router called a Shaper Origin, which is a pretty clever device. Welcome to the forum, and please keep most of your posts in your restoration thread. I'll be following. Jerry

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