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tnchemist 06-30-2020 09:54 AM

Correct Lock for Argosy 24 ??? Can anyone help
I have just started restoring a 1977 Argosy 24. The main door lock area had a plate over it that must have been used to house a smaller replacement lock....but it is missing. I have removed this aluminum plate and it exposed a much larger rectangular lock mounting hole. I am assuming some version of Bargman lock was originally there. Does anybody have experience with replacing the original lock OR...would you remount the plate and install a newer lock which is much less money?

I am new to the RV world..and would appreciate an expert's opinion.


kidjedi 06-30-2020 10:58 AM

I am not 100% certain, but I believe the Argosy used the same lock as Airstream, and that was the last year for the KT Lock VTS-1318.

Here is my blog post on that lockset:

Unfortunately that is a really expensive replacement if you can even find one. When they were in stock, they were $500 on Vintage Trailer Supply. Those are all gone, and they go from $750 up on eBay. As mentioned in my blog post, it's often cheaper to buy a whole door (or even trailer!) rather than just the lockset.

Hopefully others can chime in on decent replacements, as I have always gotten lucky and found originals for my builds. I've got a 1976 Excella off the frame, and it's missing the lockset, so I am interested in a good (hopefully *better*, as those KT's have their issues) replacement as well.

featherbedder 06-30-2020 11:07 AM

Original lock was a KT lock becoming rare. New at Inland rv is over $800. They used to have a replacement several yrs. ago. Some have replaced w/some other kind of lock. There numerous threads about this. In search box you should be able to

find these threads. IMO I would use some other kind unless you want it to be original. You can also google kt lock used on AS in 1970s.;)

featherbedder 06-30-2020 11:30 AM

Amazon has a shorter version like KT lock, it is called Chrome Rv Paddle Entry Door Latch w/deadbolt by RecPro $28.75 w free shipping. Already patch so should be easy to refab. new patch, sure lots less $ than KT locks.:)

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