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ptkerwin 06-26-2020 09:50 PM

2017 Interstate Lounge Fusion Sound Problem
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First time rv owner, first time posting. Be gentle.

I bought a used 2017 AI Lounge and stupidly didn't turn on the radio. We were half way home on a 400 mile trip and realized the speakers were blown.

We had the two front door and two back speakers replaced and they appeared to be working great but after just a day or two the sound is now fuzzy and we just barely hear the sound. They also hiss when the system is off.

I pulled the FUSION radio and started looking at the wiring and I am real confused. The front speakers and power are going through a black wiring connector but the green and purple wires for the rear speakers bypass the black wiring connector and are directly wired into the back of the radio. The rear speaker wire appear to have been cut (red connectors) and replace with these other wires (blue connectors).

I also found where the yellow power connector from the black wiring connector was spliced into and it appears two wires (yellow and blue) are carrying power from the radio to somewhere.
I'm gonna attach a couple of pictures.
Just looking for some advice on what is stock and what might be some hack job.

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