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SwampRV 05-18-2020 01:37 PM

Van controls at fingertips via the Vegatouch Mira
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Anyone add the Vegatouch Mira to get the firefly control on the phone or device?

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OTRA15 05-18-2020 03:59 PM

Van controls at fingertips?

You mean you could sit in the back seat and drive the van?


SwampRV 05-19-2020 06:20 AM

That would be sweet [emoji41]

Jbrewco 05-21-2020 08:53 PM

I purchased the Mira module from Vegatouch directly and installed it myself. Very easy to do and it allows me to control everything the Firefly panels control on my smartphone. Cost was about $550 so it is not cheap. There is also a different module that will allow you to control everything while away from the coach as long as it has an internet connection and the cost goes up to over $800.

Really didnít need it but I am a gadget guy plus I can mess with my wife when she turns on the lights or the fan and I can turn them off without her knowing it.

gizmo-mobile 11-27-2020 08:31 AM

Thanks SwampRV. Iím quite interested in this solution. Can you describe what was involved in the installation and how you created the network connection for your smartphoneís connection?

WeekendBob 07-16-2021 12:39 PM

I recently added the Vegatouch Mira module described above, which is the BlueTooth module (~$550). I did not like the idea of having to pay $300 more, plus a monthly fee for their "Eclipse" WiFi version.

The install literally took 2 minutes. You access any one of the existing FireFly connections, the easiest for me was the one in the overhead driver's side locker. Then you unplug the orange cable from the FireFly touchpad and plug that cable into a splitter along with two other supplied cables. One of the new cables goes to the Mira module and the second one goes back into the touchpad. I then tucked the module into the locker behind the touchpad screen.

The Vegatouch app gives you all the functionality on the phone as you have on the screen. Itís definitely not necessary, but it's nice to have if, for example, you're cruising down the road and forgot to turn off the water heater, or you're sitting outside under the awning and want to turn on the exterior lights.

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