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Ahroc 05-03-2020 05:16 PM

Bathroom door knob fix
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The screws in the striker stuck out a little too much and tore up the edge of the door, even started to de-laminate the inside face of the door a little bit. I stumbled on the stainless door knob wrap on the classifieds here and got excited, (pkm123) Thank You. My door did not originally have the stainless wrap. The stainless wrap provides a little reinforcement and covers up the tore up edge. The stainless channel was a hair too narrow, I suspect because my door has laminate faces. I had to file down the laminates at the corners to get the stainless channel to fit. I used blue tape to mark the edges so I wouldent file where the channel would'nt cover. A little tap with a block of wood and a hammer got it on. I removed the stryker and took a dremel to hollow out the door jamb and inset the striker flush with the door jamb. That oak is tough stuff. I purchased some #10 stainless screws to replace the old ones. I drilled-countersunk the striker so the new screws would flush with the edge of the striker properly. I also had to countersink the oak as the screw head taper wouldent allow me to tighten down the striker. I had to pilot the original holes in the oak surprisingly large as the screws were very hard to drive into the oak, and I didnt want to split the oak. And after all that, I still had to dremel the screw heads flush as they went in at a bit of an angle. Took most of my day yesterday. But the door opens and closes perfectly now, no more dragging-damaging of the edge. And it all looks good too!
Happy Travles!

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