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Rusted 05-03-2020 05:52 AM

Surf Poles
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Added surf poles to my 2013 Interstate came out nice. Used a mulitmate tool to modify the trim the install the bottom mount bracket and plastic pop rivets to fill the holes

OTRA15 05-03-2020 06:44 AM

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Nice work!

Wondering if you have taken the rig up to highway speed with these racks and a couple of surf poles hanging on them? The windage and noise might be an issue? MPG's will probably go down IMO. [have owned vans for years with surfboards, ladders, etc. all over]

Did you try to use single pole mounts in various locations on the side of the body, similar what folks use on roofs? I imagine nothing great was available. Do you lock your poles to the rack? They are at an attractive height for curious hands to "borrow" them. :blink:

That first image is hard to read . . . at the top of the van, the reflections of your carport ceiling/roof look like an awning on the van! Here it is rotated.

Hard to tell, given the very clean reflection of trees on the side of the van, how much is glass/metal FWIW. Maybe no good locations for pole-holders there?

Thanks for an interesting solution.


PS -- Looks like the tops of the racks will increase your total vertical height, and be very exposed "tree-limb-catchers?" :blink: I guess the van is already too tall to go through most drive-ins? What is your total overall height now? For our new Ford Transit van, we intentionally opted for the low roof model, as the medium and high roofs seemed too high. You are of course in a different elevation of the stratosphere!

batman 05-03-2020 08:05 AM

Dang it
You got me with this one. I thought we had a surf rod thread. I was going to show you my 12 footer with a new BG 6500 reel. LOL...

I have seen these before but, I don't think I would strap my rods to them. Perhaps a board? No! I don't think so. I like my stuff too much to tie it down on these. To each his own! Best of luck.


OTRA15 05-03-2020 08:10 AM


Originally Posted by batman (Post 2356633)
You got me with this one. I thought we had a surf rod thread.
. . .

Maybe you were thinking of this one?

In Post #12 InterBlog links to their interesting blog post:

YRMV -- :blink: -- "Your roof may vary!"

Happy Trails,


Rusted 05-04-2020 03:00 AM

Paddle boards not a surf rod .. if I’m fishing Ocean it’s 120 miles offshore....apologies for not using proper tread ... didn’t see one.

Like you said to each their own... worked fo NASA 21 years made stuff that went 17,500 mi/hr ... good at making sure things stay put... guess not everyone here has done structural repair in spacecraft... happy camping!

Rusted 05-04-2020 03:03 AM

Peter that’s my driveway, store under a pole barn,

Not Poles like in Fishing... for Paddle Boards. Live near several springs here in Fl.

Rusted 05-04-2020 03:07 AM

For Surf Boards & Paddle Boards .....

InterBlog 05-04-2020 04:43 AM


Originally Posted by OTRA15 (Post 2356619)
... Do you lock your poles to the rack? They are at an attractive height for curious hands to "borrow" them. :blink:

There was a beach bum boondocker on Instagram who reported being shaken awake during the night, and it turned out to be just such a phenomenon - someone trying to get his board off the side of his van.

What's the law on side extensions and whose jurisdiction is it? State? Federal? I thought I recalled hearing it was six inches, but I've got no source for that.

OTRA15 05-04-2020 05:50 AM

Thanks Rusted for the clarifications.


Tom Guy 07-20-2020 09:01 AM

Hi Rusted,

Are these Aluminess surf poles? Iím wondering about rigidity while holding 2 boards. I was considering the same set up, but also thought maybe buying a ladder and 1 pole would be necessary to keep pole from ripping off at highway speed. Thx!

John&Vicki 07-20-2020 09:36 AM

That is what is now called a bitchiní rig. :cool:


Southtown 08-07-2020 05:51 PM

Surf Poles
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My suction cups have held up at all speeds. On all highways. 6 boards, no problem. Those look more solid than suction cups.


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