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PA BAMBI II 04-28-2020 06:52 AM

I give you...the Tinette
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Little trailers, like life, require compromises. A 17' trailer for four people can be a bit tight. Still, our Bambi II has everything we need for comfortable camping, both for long and short trips. Sleeping space is no issue with bunk beds for the girls and the sofa/bed up front for us. Lounging is not a problem; there is plenty of seating. Dining does create some challenges.

For Lynn and I, sitting on the sofa and resting a plate on our lap works out fine, but for the girls (6 and 8 last Summer), this was a challenge and sometimes messy. We had them stand at the folding counter that encroaches the main doorway sometimes, but they protested this more than not. Sometimes, they ate sitting on the floor. None of these solutions was ideal.

I determined I could install a small folding table between the sofa and jump seat to create a Tiny Dinette...a Tinette. This consists of a small piece of 1/8" thick aluminum (13" x 27" rounded at the front corners) hinged directly to the wall with an aluminum hinge. A small brace (app. 16" long) with bent ends to engage a small bracket on both the underside of the table and the lower part of the wall holds it upright. When it is folded down, it only takes up its own thickness. I added a small piece of foam to the underside of the table to keep it from rattling with movement in the trailer.

Simple and effective, our little girls now have a sturdy spot to safely place their plates for dinner. It also does well holding a morning coffee cup or a frosty beverage in the evening.

Janet H 04-28-2020 06:04 PM

Great idea!

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