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rewillia 04-16-2020 01:30 PM

Protection for interior walls in overhead cabinet spaces
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Just sharing,

Still outfitting our new-to-us Classic M30, we want to protect the interior walls in our overhead cabinets from dents, dings and scratches caused by storage items, i.e. kitchen wares, etc.

After giving this some thought we came up with the idea of using corrugated plastic cardboard of the likes found at Home Depot. approx. 3/16's in. thick and comes with a smooth plastic surface finish. We then cut these to fit between the bottom baseboard of the overhead cabinet up to the backside of the front cabinet faces, carefully folded them to form a curve small enough to fit into the cabinet openings, a "Violla".

A simple DIY solution that is an easy cost effective project and does not require the use of adhesives, screws or anything else as they hold themselves in place by their own tension from being curved.

Hope this helps others wanting to do the same.

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