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strangepod 04-13-2020 08:17 AM

Battery compartment 76 Argosy
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As you can see in the picture the floor in the battery compartment is gone on mine and I about to replace the seal. I have noticed that it seems that even if the seal is good that water could find away around it (since the bottom does not get anything or does it?).

Anyone ever gone down this road in making a better mouse trap for this style door?


Trnpk Crsr 04-13-2020 10:44 PM

The original battery rested in a tray that you could slide out onto the door when it was in the open position. When the door was closed, the ribs on the door rested against the flange at the top of the door opening. This left a gap which was used to vent hydrogen from the battery compartment when the battery was charging.
The ‘floor” of the compartment was just the plywood floor of trailer. I think that the door hinge just used wood screws to secure it.
I don’t think that the compartment was water tight. The plywood on my parent’s Argosy rotted out at the bottom of the door.

Cheers, John

strangepod 04-14-2020 04:48 AM

Yea, that is what I'm seeing and I still have the original tray - I was wondering if anyone had a smarter mouse for the mouse trap and solved this issue. I'm not against changing the door all together (although don't really want to) and use it for something else as I'm going back with AGM's.


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