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Hittenstiehl 07-02-2020 07:35 AM

Thanks DaveP for the feedback. Good luck.

Al and Missy 07-02-2020 09:31 AM


Originally Posted by DaveP (Post 2364370)
I am considering getting new axles for my 2004 Classic 28. It has the original 4200 pound Dura Flex axles made by Henschen who are out of business. I understand from this thread that Dexter is having delivery problems due to COVID19 so I will probably have to wait to get axles.

Seems most people are going to Inland to purchase their Dexter axles and Inland knows how to weld on the shock mounts, etc. Are there any other companies/dealers that I should be considering to get the correct Dexter axles with the shock mounts installed? Any companies around Denver or the central US?

I replaced Henschen axles on my 2002 Classic with Dexters. I ordered them with the shock mounts installed. There are minor differences in the dimensions of the mounting flanges that necessitated slotting one hole on each flange and modifying the shock mounts. You can see the process starting at post #38 in my disc brake modification thread here:

I ordered my axles with Easy-Lube spindles and shock mounts.

DaveP 07-02-2020 01:54 PM

Thanks Al! The link is good info. I have to make a few measurements this weekend and then decide whether to go ahead with this project.

PurdyWagon 08-02-2020 05:15 PM

Inland RV
I will tell you about Inland RV. Dealing with them has been a nightmare. We intend to get as many reviews in about them as possible. We ordered axles early May, and was told it is a turn around time of 4-6 weeks. We contacted them in end of June since we hadn't heard anything. We emailed several times without any response. Finally, after a week, we finally got in an email back. This went on for several weeks...with only a short email from them a week later or so. We called Dexter directly, and they said their turn around time is only 4 weeks. (and found out our order was not even done until June 6th), almost 4 weeks after we paid for it.

We asked for a refund, and was then told...OH... it should be here in the week. A week went by, no axles, no communication. Another week and we asked, no communication. We finally said you give us a refund or we will start legal proceedings. Then finally, we did the refund.

They blamed CoVid. You CANNOT blame CoVid on your poor communication!! waiting a week to email, and only after we sent several emails is not acceptable! When your only form of communication is email, then you respond in 24 hrs. I read this was a common practice from them, even before CoVid. Do not do business with them!

BTCMUSN 12-11-2020 08:07 PM

Fell into Inland RV trap
Still making rookie mistake at my age.....needed some awning parts and of course first search up is Inland RV.....Iím a get it done type and ordered the parts from Inland RV. Appears to be a terrible mistake. Canít get anyone to return emails and they arenít taking calls other than to say send an email and we will get to it as soon as we can.....3 weeks so far and absolutely zero contact. Sure took my money pretty fast. Hopefully they read this forum but from the sounds of it they probably donít. They should shut their website down if they canít be reputable......should be a crime to do business and have no intent to fill orders or communicate.

featherbedder 12-12-2020 12:01 AM

If credit card IMO contact cc co. file claim mdse. not received. I have had to this several times, w/good luck getting money refunded back to card.:o

BTCMUSN 12-12-2020 04:59 AM

I will do that.....thanks...

Itís terrible to think that Inland RV is attempting to be legitimate by still using a website and accepting orders when it seems that is NOT the case at all. I understand COVID but to take my money and pose as a legitimate option for Airstream parts supplier with no intent to fill the order as I said that has to be a crime.

BTCMUSN 12-16-2020 04:00 AM

Inland RV - stay away
I have my bank working on my issue with Inland RV. I am hopeful they will succeed. As I said....I can understand COVID-19......I can’t understand ZERO communication about my order. I did what I should’ve done in the first place.....called Zip Dee and my awning parts will arrive tomorrow. That is service! No COVID excuse from Zip Dee!

By the from Zip Dee were HALF the COST than charged by Inland would think that someone charging DOUBLE for these parts would be all over filling my order! Gotta believe all Inland RV had to do was call Zip Dee and drop ship to me and make 100% profit! Don’t be duped by Inland RV

BTCMUSN 12-18-2020 03:51 AM

Warning....stay away from Inland RV
Received my parts for my awning from Zip Dee yesterday.....what a fantastic customer experience with Zip Dee.....

Went to my bank for Inland RV dispute and they are on it....still not a breath from Inland RV and already received my parts from Zip Dee....I would have expected Inland RV couldíve done exactly what I did but they chose not too......and my bank has already refunded my money in the dispute. I have to say again....Inland RV is a ďFĒ in operating a reputable business.....stay away.....stay away.....stay away....

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