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Joyman 03-26-2020 07:14 PM

Exterior compartment rusting
Two of my 4 compartments had rust on a exterior and the one with wAter hook up had it in side also.
Also under my aluminum propane tanks on frame, on spare tire holder under trailer and on frame around the added in Dexter hydraulic brake drum sits in old external battery box . Rust where paint has flaked off .
Is scraped , wire brushed and cleaned well these areas . Used a rust convertor from Gemplers (used before on my Tractor tools) today, suppose to dry 24 hours.

Then Prime with preferable with an oil based metal primer.. My question can I use spray aerosol paint primer? (( like krylon? ))??

Then I will paint the areas ( I was thinking spray enamel paint.

Any comments please.

dznf0g 03-26-2020 07:30 PM

All of those compartment pieces do come out with some finagling. I took mine out about 8 years ago, stripped, and painted with white rustoleum. They need it again. I will use Por15 next time.
I also completely sandblasted the whole tongue and my Hensley hitch and painted with automotive primer and an epoxy automotive paint. It stull looks good, but needs touch up. That was a big job. The compartments were pretty easy.

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