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Lychgate 03-14-2020 08:42 PM

Propane fill questions
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Hi all,

As I mentioned in another post, I just got my unit, 2005 interstate 22. My LP reading on the monitor was reading 1/8th. I stopped in to add some LP gas. As it was filling, at 3.7 gal, liquid propane was coming out from under the coach. I looked underneath and thought there was a leak on one of the hoses. I had them stop the fill and headed home.

When I crawled under the unit what I found is the bleeder valve on the tank has a hose that feed to another bleeder valve at the remote fill. So, what was happening is that the bleeder valve at the tank under the unit was bleeding liquid fuel before the remote bleeder did. The bleeder valve at the tank was almost closed, maybe open 1/2 a turn. Fully open appeared to be a couple complete turns. I think because the valve was almost closed it didn't allow the remote bleeder valve to work properly.

Should the bleeder valve at the tank be fully open?

How many gallons of propane should be filled into these Interstate 22's?

I know that 80% is supposed to be the max. Airstream identified this as a "33# tank" so that is roughly 6.25 gals@4.2 lbs/gal. Yes?

Also I saw a thread recently that discussed a analog gauge on the tank. "InterBlog" had asked for a tank configuration and picture here is mine.



InterBlog 03-15-2020 04:56 AM

Hi, Mike! First the roof from hell, now this. Welcome to the world of T1N Interstate ownership.


The good news: Your tank appears original or near-original, but in unusually good shape for its age (while you are under there, you might want to take a pic of the welded-on spec plate, to have for future reference). Mine was shot, and I had to replace it.

The not-so-good news: Your flex lines appear to be original and do need to be replaced. See this description here for how to go about that.

The news that is neither good nor bad, just different: I have seen many an older Interstate in my time, but I've never seen that configuration on the tank. I've only seen the typical fill bleeder, to bleed head pressure during filling. Therefore, I can't really comment on why the heck that was done to your tank.

Anybody else have ideas?

Protagonist 03-16-2020 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by Lychgate (Post 2341001)
Should the bleeder valve at the tank be fully open?

If the hose between the two bleeder valves is in good shape, then yes, the one at the tank should be fully open, and only the one next to the fill port should be used.

If the hose needs to be replaced, close the valve at the tank during replacement to keep from losing all of your propane, then open it again all the way once the new hose is in place.

In fact, it seems that the valve at the tank is there specifically to allow replacement of the hose in question. So perhaps the hose has been replaced before by a previous owner?

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