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jeanarlene 10-11-2002 09:17 AM

Floor support question
Well, Airabelle has recovered from being shot --as related on this website earlier--someone shot out her front right wing window and culprit still hasn't been caught. I've tracked down a clear glass replacement due to arrive in a month. Meanwhile I've secured the area with heavy vinyl. But, rain apparently penetrated this area before the shotgun blast. The wood subfloor is weakened in some places and pulled away in a couple spots, around 2 inches in diameter. Probably I should have put penetrating epoxy in those areas. Instead I relied on flooring workman to reinforce those areas when he came to lay tile yesterday. He used Ardex and lots of adhesive when he laid the vinyl tile. We both knew the proper thing to have done is replace the floor. That would involved lots of $, lifting the shell, etc. so I made the decision to proceed with the tile and put on my truth blinders (again) and hope for the best. Now I have to decide which would the floor more easily support in that weakened area--a couch or a dinette? Does anyone have a clue?

74Argosy24MH 10-11-2002 10:26 AM

Use masking tape on the floor to lay out where both of them would go. You know where the weak areas are, decide which layout would have the most traffic and most load (from the couch or dinette) on the weak areas. Don't forget storage under each, although you could reinforce above the floor with a piece of plywood.


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