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primepower 01-26-2020 05:26 AM

Bed doesn't stay up
Does this happen to anyone else? It stays up without the comforter on but the comforter is always on so my bed does not stay up. I have back issues so it has become a pain. Does anyone have a recommendation on a different strut that will hold it up?

BigSxyWhtGuy 01-26-2020 05:54 AM

We have a mattress topper on ours so the bed doesnít stay up. I usually hold it for my wife if she needs access below. We only put items that we donít need often below the bed.

You can replace the struts with stronger ones. Same brand and size, just a higher weight load. You can also flip the comforter to the head of the bed, get access, and then flip it back if you donít want to go through the hassle of replacing the struts.

JDG 01-26-2020 05:57 AM

I found if the bed is all the way flat when I raise it it will stay up but if the head of the bed is raised at all when I lift it it will not stay raised by itself.

primepower 01-26-2020 06:23 AM

That is the same for me if there is no comforter on it. However with the comforter even with the head down it does not stay up.

Caffeinated 01-26-2020 06:31 AM

Replacing the struts is not that hard. We have a mattress topper and the comforter and it stays up.


JDG 01-26-2020 06:55 AM

Does anyone have model number of stronger struts that will work?

ROBERT CROSS 01-26-2020 09:02 AM


Originally Posted by JDG (Post 2326685)
Does anyone have model number of stronger struts that will work?

I the manufacturer with the make, length & pressure numbers, explain the problem and go from there.
I had to do the same for a floppy boat hatch.🤓


SuperTrouper 01-26-2020 09:14 AM

Hi PrimePower,

By googling "Aristream Bed Lift" I found quite a few Airforums threads on this topic. Here is a pertinent one:


GatorDave 01-26-2020 10:26 AM

Use a stick to keep it propped up

Mollysdad 01-26-2020 12:54 PM

I wanted to replace a strut once, and I wrote down the serial number.
I took that 8 digit number and entered it in Amazon's search bar....nothing else and I'll be darned if it didn't return the exact strut.
So, try a search and look for a stronger one!
Don't go too strong or the bed might hit you in the face when you bump it accidentally.:shock:

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