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Gulliver 11-09-2019 08:40 PM

need help with macerator malfunction 2015 Interstate twin
Macerator on/off switch is not working. Need help troubleshooting system.
Black tank, grey tank switches do work, however, macerator switch does not engage macerator. What might be problem?
Where is the macerator switch fuse located?
Any assistance would be appreciated. I'm not electrically savvy.

Hawk-ination 11-09-2019 09:17 PM

We have a 2014 and the fuse is located under the lounge area, you'll see the two silver buttons on each side of the lounge. Pull the handles out and open the panel, it should swing down, and can be a bit stuck if no one has been in there yet. If you haven't been in the fuse panel in that area yet, the door is somewhat hidden after you get the first wood door open. It's a plastic lid that you have to push in at the top left corner, I believe. I had a hard time figuring that out as there's no handle, but it's simple once you get to the spot and know how to do it. It's like the glass doors with the magnet hold for stereo equipment or TV stands. You push in to get the magnet to release, and the door should also open down if I remember correctly. You'll see a few circuit breakers and a row of fuses on the right. It's been a few months since ours was stuck, so I might be off on my lefts and rights, but I think that's correct. You'll see it once you get the door open.

What I remember is it might have about seven fuses, I think the macerator is a 10 Amp fuse. Can't remember the position/number. I think it's listed on the identification, but maybe not super clear either. Might be the only 10 amp fuse in there, can't remember that for sure either.

We purchased our Lounge this fall, and the last owner didn't use all the systems much. The owner before that did not either, and some dirt had made it's way on the outside of the macerator. It was very, very little. The people on the forum helped me to find the macerator, which is just to the left of your macerator hose probably, and under the coach. There's a plastic sleeve that covers the end, you just wiggle it off, and take a straight edge screwdriver and turn the screw that's on the end of the macerator (the plastic cap and macerator are black). Look for the PVC looking hose that runs from left to right under your coach, you'll find it.

Turning the screw turns the pump and will free it up hopefully. Like I said, ours was barely stuck and was blowing fuses every time I'd hit the macerator switch. It's a very common problem on the Interstates so if this doesn't help, do a search and you'll find some feeds that might explain it better.

If it helps, it might not look like that fuse is blown but ours ended up being blown even if it didn't look like it, so we just slipped a new one in the slot. Freed up the screw and we were good to go.

If you don't have the problem we had, some said it can jamb up with toilet paper and other fun stuff. If you have that issue and you can't get that screw to turn, I'd consult someone who has a better answer than me and/or see if you can't search it on the forum.

Don't sweat it at all, I was freaking out but it ended up being pretty easy once I asked for help and everyone pointed me in the right direction through the forum. Finding the locations of the fuse panel and macerator were the biggest trick but it was a pretty easy after I got help with the locations and solution. Good luck!

Rig Rat 11-10-2019 10:19 AM

Helpful thread
Here's one thread that may help you,

There's plenty more posts on this same issue that you can access by using the search function located at the top of this page!

BTW, it should be a 20 amp fuse. We carry extras for this very reason!

k9jackie 11-10-2019 11:04 AM

I just replaced the fuse on my 2014.5 macerator yesterday. The fuse panel is under the lounge 2nd to the last fuse yellow #20.

Pahaska 11-10-2019 01:19 PM

With no power, I found that I can spin the macerator using my 18v battery-powered drill with a large screwdriver blade chucked. I turned it manually first to ensure that there was no hard blockage. One last way to empty the tanks if power fails.

wachuko 11-11-2019 05:45 AM


Originally Posted by Pahaska (Post 2306666)
With no power, I found that I can spin the macerator using my 18v battery-powered drill with a large screwdriver blade chucked. I turned it manually first to ensure that there was no hard blockage. One last way to empty the tanks if power fails.

Good to know. Thank you!

Note to self - Need to add a battery-powered drill to the tool box.

Gulliver 11-11-2019 06:15 AM

Thanks to all. Learned several new things with your help. It was the fuse. Replaced it and that fixed the problem.

Mansderm161 11-11-2019 10:43 AM was probably turning it manually and replacing fuse together that got it going. I had same problem. It will blow fuse if it can't spin. I blew 3 fuses in a row until I manually turned the macerator and then replaced the fuse. Keep an eye on it. Mine was defective and was eventually replaced.

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