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Pucky 11-06-2019 02:13 PM

Highly recommend the Alpine iLX-F309
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Iíve been reading a few threads about the fact that the fusion does not link with the TV audio, well I think I found my solution.

Iíve got an Apple TV plugged into the HDMI splitter and Iíve removed the Fusion Infotainment system and installed an Alpine iLX-F309. While a bit pricey, Iím very happy with the results.

It has an HDMI input like the fusion (so you could do the same with it), and Iíve routed an HDMI cable from the overhead HDMI splitter, down the plastic cover to the left of the driver shoulder, under the floor up through the console to the iLX-F309.

Now I can have the Apple TV(could be any HDMI source) play through the radio and audio comes out the roof speakers.

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rowiebowie 11-06-2019 07:02 PM

Pricey is ok if works and you like it.:D

ScottP 11-07-2019 07:53 AM

Thanks for the update, itís a timely topic for me.

Great image as well.

Did you upgrade your speakers to Alpine or other brand?

Iím looking forward to a sound and video upgrade, along with the accompanying ďde-rattleĒ process (keeping all the plastic bits from vibrating and rattling).

Best, Scott

Pucky 11-07-2019 11:02 AM

Highly recommend the Alpine iLX-F309
Hey Scott,

I havenít upgraded the speakers yet, but the sounds is even better now than with the fusion. For example, I can hear people on the phone now, I tried to join some work calls via the fusion, and could barely hear the conversations, now itís very loud.

Is it weird to watch TV in your RV while in the driveway? Cuz Iím guilty of that. Lol

I too am looking to tighten down all the little plastic bits.

Happy travels.


nateallen80 11-07-2019 01:42 PM

I recently upgraded to the Sony XAV-AX1000 to get a physical volume knob and Carplay. Our Kenwood unit was slow and sloppy and sometimes I didn't even want to turn it on - we'd just drive in silence at times... The end result has been really great, but the install was atrocious.

I feel bad for the Crutchfield rep that worked with me for way too many hours (Nathan at Crutchfield was fantastic). Turns out that the canbus wires have to be connected to the data lines spliced in at the hazard light harness. Had we known that initially we could have cut of literally hours and hours of troubleshooting.

The original speakers sound better after the head unit was replaced, but I guess having sunk several nights and lots of curse words into the project, it could just be my pride convincing my ears they are hearing better quality.

I intentionally eliminated the connection from the house batteries in the process, so as to cut off a potential source of parasitic draw down. We never used the Kenwood when we were not driving anyway, and have a bluetooth speaker for that purpose.

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