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Al and Missy 10-11-2019 01:49 PM

Bleeding Disc Brakes
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I just bled my Kodiak disc brakes by myself in 30 minutes and used a pint of fluid. Thanks to the lift kit I could shinny under the trailer to get to the bleed screws without jacking it up.

The big secret is a pressure brake bleeder. I bought it for car use years ago and it worked fine but I haven't used it in a while. I tried to use it when we installed the disc brakes but I couldn't get it to pressurize the actuator. I had to get a replacement fluid reservoir cap and modify it to connect a hose from the bleeder. There was a tiny vent hole in the cap I didn't notice. With that sealed up everything worked great.

The bleeder is essentially a small garden sprayer with a pressure gauge. You put fluid in it and pump it up to 10 psi. Then you can go around to the calipers, crack the bleed screws and let the fluid run out until there are no bubbles. The actuator never runs out of fluid because the bleeder continues to force more in.

Here's a picture:

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