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ILOVESALLY 08-13-2019 03:27 PM

Macerating toilet trouble
Would like to know if anybody else has one of these toilets giving them trouble. Doesnít matter what function I use to flush the water keeps filling up the tank and doesnít know when to stop. After flushing the 8100 Dometic mascerating toilet I have to turn the water supply off every time. I had a mobile RV repair guy out who replaced the motor and black u bend behind the toilet because it was all gunked up with hard water. After spending $400.00 this did still not fix the problem of the water constantly running. I wish I could put the old step pedal toilet in but my 2016 30ft bunkhouse but its not plumped up that way. I even called airstream and they said yes itís a common problem and I needed to replace a valve. When I showed the RV repair guy what they sent me he said it was for a Thetford step pedal toilet

rowiebowie 08-13-2019 03:43 PM

I have the Dometic SeaLand 8100 macerating toilet in my 7 yr. old class b. Never any problem (dreading when I do), but if anything, mine fills too slowly.

Since this model has electronic wall controls, I kind of thought I'd hear some actuator sound when water was requested and when it shut off. But I only recall silent operation. There has to be fresh water valve that is controlled by the wall flush buttons. Was anything like that replaced?

The operations manual trouble-shooting section mentions solutions for my slow filling, but does not mention your problem that the water won't turn off. I believe it has to be the same (an only) fresh water valve that controls both.

I will be following your thread, just in case. Good luck.

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