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eagletoo 08-04-2019 10:31 AM

2020 Franke Faucet
Fellow Streamers,
We just picked up our 2020 23FBT Globetrotter. Our overnight orientation went really well. No issues with gas, water or electricity.

The following may help you avoid flooding your galley:
After driving 100 miles back home, I hooked up the GT and repeated the inspection process again.

I took out the galley countertop waste basket and peered down. Water everywhere. We have the Franke pull down faucet, AS #602703.

It seems this fancy faucet has 1 flexible hose connected INSIDE the faucet body. The other 3 are connected externally, like normal. Can you guess which one leaked?

The entire faucet had to be removed and taken apart to see where the leak was coming from. The 10” braided flexible hose blindly threads in with no means of tightening it via a wrench. Strictly finger tightened. :mad:

This style of faucet is definitely a case of “looks good on paper” but in reality...

Moral: inspect your galley faucet after a tow to make sure yours doesn’t vibrate loose.

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