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crazylev 08-01-2019 02:59 PM

No voltage for brakes- Prodigy P3?
Hooked up today and I get the .C. "connected" readout on display, but when brakes are applied The display reads 0 volts. Even with the over-ride lever. Normally the voltage varies depending on how much pressure is applied to brakes.

Break-lights, turn signals/flashers all working on trailer when connected. Just nothing to the brakes.

Called Teconsha and the gentleman there said to adjust the wheel thing on the top left of controller all the way "forward toward front of vehicle". I'll try this when I move the TV closer. They also asked if I was the original owner and said I was but my P3 is 16 years old. Lifetime warranty baby! So I'll see if the adjustment works. He definitely said it had nothing to do with the trailer itself. More a brake controller issue.

Anyone else ever have this issue.

overlander63 08-01-2019 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by crazylev (Post 2271894)

Anyone else ever have this issue.

Yes, When I let somebody borrow my truck, they turned the gain all the way to zero. They really had no business touching it, since they weren't towing a trailer.

crazylev 08-02-2019 10:22 AM

Thanks overlander63.

Problem solved! I turns out the gain WAS set all the way off! Now I have to reset to sweet spot.

Very weird since I am the only driver and to be honest over the coarse of 16 years I've probably checked settings 3 times. If the 0 volts wasn't displayed on the front, I may never have known about this.:blush:

Maybe when I went in for either an old change or emission test, someone "accidentally" moved something. Our last trip out early May everything was ok.

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