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92landyacht 07-25-2019 06:52 PM

Need dash AC condenser
My 1992 AS Land Yacht 36' motorhome on a P30 chassis had no AC last time I ran it. I get air but no cold air. I checked the pressures and it seems to be very low on Freon. On inspection I think I've spotted a small leak on the condenser core. I'm basing this on an oil streak running down from a single spot. I checked the pressures and the system draws a vacuum on the low side and only about 50psi on the high side. I opened the system up and found that the drier seems to be a restriction.

Does anyone have an idea where I can pick up a new condenser? It looks like the condenser is also an engine oil cooler. Can a minor leak be repaired?

Mike1997 07-28-2019 02:28 PM

Before you replace the condenser, try a few things.
1. Put stop leak into the system which is done at same time its recharged with Freon. Certain types will have the stop leak. Check auto parts stores.
2. Make sure the condenser cooling fan is working. Mine seized up so I never had AC unless going 45mpg down the road. Even then it was not enough.
3. You need to use an HVAC pressure gage to correctly check the low and high side pressure.
If none of these help, you might need a new compressor vs condenser. In that case check used auto parts cause it was a common part used in Chevy trucks.

J. Morgan 07-28-2019 06:22 PM

Well, if it had a real serious leak you'd likely have no pressure at all.

If in fact the condenser is bad, and the oil cooler is integrated into it, if I had the room i'd just install a new aftermarket condenser with a new and separate aftermarket oil cooler......

134A is pretty cheap, I think I would just try a refill of that as a starter.

92landyacht 07-29-2019 07:17 AM

Thanks for the input guys. As stated earlier, I'm betting on the condenser being bad since there's a pronounced wet oil streak down the front of the condenser right where the fan housing intersects the condenser fins. I did pick up some Red Angel stop leak and conditioner and plan to test the system with that in it. I have a lot of R12 sitting around so I plan to use that. Found an unopened case of it (12 14oz cans) for sale at a garage sale for cheap. I've just flushed the system using some Interdynamics A/C Flush and I'm waiting on a replacement Receiver/Drier to arrive from Rock Auto. I'll replaced all the O-rings with new ones. Once that's done I'll tool rent from Autozone Autoparts a vacuum pump and draw the system down.

If it's a hard leak in the condenser I should see it as a vacuum leak over time. Plan to draw it down for at least an hour and than watch for vacuum change over night. If all checks out I'll charge the system with the R12+Stop Leak+UV Dye. That way I can find the leak if one still exists.

92landyacht 07-31-2019 11:39 AM

OK, system reassembled using the original condenser. New drier and all O-rings installed after a complete system flush. Pulled a vacuum of ~-28psi. Ran the vacuum pump for over an hour. Waited to see if I had any leaks but no visible change in vacuum for over 2 hours. Ran the vacuum pump again for about an hour and shut it down for the evening. This morning I checked pressure and found it to be a little higher vacuum at closer to -30psi. Guessing it was a difference in ambient temperature since the morning was cooler.

Plan to inject the Freon next we. Waiting on a couple of items to arrive before I begin the charge process. I'm waiting on an oil injector to allow me to put in some Red Angel Stop Leak as a preventive measure. It's the only stop leak that appears to be safe for R12 and non-clogging. I'll also inject some UV Dye just in case.

I can't find any labels to indicate fill volume but I do have gauges and will use that to predict final fill. Last time I did the AC service I think it took about 32oz total of Freon. I'll be adding two 14oz cans of Freon along with 1 4oz of Freon oil charge. That should replace the oil that was lost during the flush and give me the 32oz total fill volume. If anyone knows for sure what the total amount should be, please chime in.

92landyacht 08-02-2019 09:24 AM

Not sure if I need one still but I did get a response from AS on a replacement condenser. Basically a you're SOL from us. See if a GM dealer can help. Unit too old for us to have records on.

Pretty much what I've come to understand from AS and my "old as crap" motorhome. I did find a local radiator repair shop that works on A/C condensers though. They're a national company (Sims Radiator) but located right around the corner from me. Figured I'd pass it on. Might help some others if they're in the need.

Robfike 08-02-2019 10:25 AM

One of the problems with Getting info on our older motor homes is Airstream had a small fire at some point. The paper files, yes paper, were damaged by water, not fire. But most of the old motor home stuff was lost.
We had a 1986 345, and now a 1999 Land Yacht Diesel.
I have had some luck getting a little info on the 99.

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