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Paul Brown 10-05-2002 02:17 AM

Newbie looking to restore old AS
I'm a complete novice to the community, and am looking to pick up an older Airstream to restore and live in. Does anyone have any advice on what a newbie like me should look for in a used AS? I have limited funds to work with, but I do have the time to restore an older AS in need of some TLC.

I live in Oregon, in an area with wet winters and hot, dry summers. Does this factor into what kind of AS I should look for?

Thanks for any advice or comments!


BobbyW 10-05-2002 06:04 AM


looking to pick up an older Airstream to restore and live in
When you say live in it, do you mean park it and live in it or travel around and live in it (become a "Full Timer")?

I have looked at 3, 27' to 31' 1972 trailers in the last 3 days that required very little restoration. Just a good cleaning and inspection and you could be on your way. Asking prices for these were from $5000 to $6800

The environment is really not an issue unless your in Alaska.

How much space do you need?
If towing, what kind of vehicle do you have?

If your looking for a basket case with rusty running gear, original tires, rotted floor, delamintated woodwork, broken plumbing, leaking vents and windows..... and you have a full time job and life, plan on spending 6 months to a year to restore.

Welcome, good luck and keep us informed.

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