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Rounder44 05-26-2019 10:51 AM

Black Tank Vent Connection Loose. Fix?

While checking water pump I noticed the black tank vent pipe is loose where it connects to the tank. I can move it up and down a little.

I don't want to break the roof seal by lifting too high to do a legit fix right now without confirmation it's ok.

If not should I just silicone or some other removable compound to seal fumes?

If so would construct PVC glue be the way to go is there something better for this connection? There's just a slopped on yellow adhesive now...


Rounder 44

A W Warn 05-26-2019 11:10 AM

If it is falling into the tank, I would take it back to the dealer for repair under warranty. If it is a slight movement, just a fraction of an inch it is probably ok. This intersection of tank/vent pipe should be flexible but not allow sewer gas inside the trailer. The connection at the tank needs to remain flexible so that the movement between full/empty and/or movement while traveling does not excessively stress the tank and crack it.

However, if you are going to DIY to limit movement, this would be my advice: Take the roof vent cover off. Then lift the vent pipe to just slightly, 1/4" minimum, above the metal roof and secure it at this level from the top, temporarily using something mechanical (screw, wedge, etc). Then use caulking around the perimeter of the roof opening to seal/adhere it in place.

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