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TooMuchTin 12-08-2005 10:32 PM

Interior panels screwed in '53?
My interior panels are put together with screws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just purchased what was supposed to be a '53 Cruiser. Someone on the board said that its sn# makes it a '52.

I am puting in a new floor, so started reading all the threads and everyone talks about drilling out the rivets. I looked and I have all matched pan head screws!!!!

The center top panel and the curved nine end panels are rivited, every where else is screwed. This is a very original looking interior, and all the screws match. Although the inside has been repainted, I think the original desert sand color is in the slot.

The outside is all rivets, and looks all original.

Help!!!! Any ideas about this?


47WeeWind 12-09-2005 12:41 AM

Calm down ...
Airstream trailers have used different construction techniques over time. What was done in the 1960s and 1970s trailers does not necesarily apply to 1950s trailers. Because many Forum members do not mention the year or model of their own trailer when commenting on similarities, differences or their renewal experiences, it is up to you to put their comments in context.

Pan head screws are correct for attaching the interior sidewalls in your 1952/53 Cruiser. The rivets down the center of the interior roof are also correct. Take a deep breath. Calm down and use your eyes, your power of observation, and your judgment when inspecting your early 1950s trailer. You are doing good so far. Don't get sidetracked by accepting every post and what "everyone talks about" on the Forums as gospel. Be thankful you only have to unscrew many pan heads instead of drilling out all rivets. Naturally, you will bag, label and save all those original pan head screws for reassembly. Welcome aboard, Tinhopper, and enjoy the process.

pinkflamingoes 12-09-2005 12:42 AM

No, but I see you have a '67 TW...

I'm curious to see what the answer to your "screwed" situation. I hope it doesn't make life too difficult. Good luck.

cloud55 12-09-2005 01:02 AM

We have screws on our 55. Funny you mentioned it as I just noticed it today. Another thing I noticed is that the bottom panels went in last. All the talks about cutting the rivets seemed to mention that the bottom panels went on maybe screws could be good. It looks like it will take more patience than power so I thought I might do that job while John's compounding or something! Good luck with yours!

TooMuchTin 12-10-2005 12:06 AM

not that screwed I guess
Thank you all. 47, thanks for the definitive word. I am glad to know that I am not imagining all this. And of course I will lable and bag everything. Just ask my wife how good I am at orginization.

And yes 55, it looked to me like the bottom was the last panel also.

Pink, we were on the board a year or two when you were getting your TW. I am glad you made progress. Our TW is on idle. It seems we are more excited by getting additional trailers than finishing them.:sad: But this one is in the right spot and I have made a commitement to finish.

pinkflamingoes 12-13-2005 03:04 AM

If we had driveway space we'd have another one as well. I have completely caught the bug. I also have to say,that a '53 is a sweet find!!

Have fun fixing and/or owning both!!

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