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Dave Cole 10-03-2002 10:23 PM

replacing compartment locks

Originally posted by Jim Clark
Hi, all. Anyone wishing to change the locks on the side storage compartments and the rear battery cover can find locks at Harry's and Lowe's. The side compartment locks are mail box lock and the rear compartment lock is a Garage Door Lock.
went to the home depot--the genie garage door locks they have are almost identical (notice: almost) to the 3 compartment locks on my '69 Tradewind, but they arent quite the same cylinders. i would like to find new cylinders and keep the old handles. anyone have an idea about a secondary source for compatable locks? (or who manufactured the locks in the first place) Or even where to find compatable handles that are as nice or nicer than the originals.

gerbermania 01-19-2003 09:01 PM

I just had all my original T-handle compartment locks on my 1969 tradewind replaced by Inland RV.

The new ones are a flush finish, similar to a newer airstream. They look great, and function perfectly. I'm quite pleased to say that Inland RV even keyed them all to the same master, so I now only have 1 key for all 3 compartments.

The part number from Inland RV is: 19479


overlander64 01-19-2003 10:05 PM

Replacing compartment locks
Greetings Dave!

Have you tried consulting a local locksmith? I had good luck in having the cylinders rebuilt on my '64 Overlander at my local locksmith. He was able to restore one and match the others to the restored lock. The locksmith I chose specialized in automotive as well as household locks, and was located in a college town so he was familiar with materials used in RVs and mobile housing.

Good luck locating someone capable of rebuilding/replacing the cylinders in your compartment locks.


mtburry 08-14-2008 08:34 PM

Hi folks ! My wife and I have recently moved into a 1995 Land Yacht that has a few of the exterior compartment locks that have been forced open and no longer work with or without the keys. These locks have a cable that pulls the latch back, which is spring loaded, so I CAN "jimmy" it open, but I don't want to continue doing this. Any ideas as to how to fix them or where I can get new ones??



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