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r carl 06-15-2010 08:57 PM

You must be a virgo. :lol:

pattimarty 06-15-2010 09:09 PM

Hey folks.....if it weren't for all the sharing on Airforums i never would have found a hitch, TV or gotten my trailer home, let alone out to camp. I spent hours every night for months pouring over threads, PM'ing and emailing folks and even starting some threads to figure some key decisions out. One couple from Ohio must have answered 100 emails from me. They probably felt so bad that i knew so amazingly little they even took us out camping to help us out. Another Airstreamer if found on Airforums actually came over and helped me back the trailer into my drive the day we got it (but for him i'd still be trying). So I’m miles off from repaying the many helpful folks on this site. This is just a drop in the bucket.

A bigger project is which is a charitable website on which, among other things, we’ve been chronicling the stories of some amazing RV'ers (so far all Airstreamers). See the People on the Way column. When i was a kid all i thought came in an aluminum can was peas! Hopefully those write ups will help those unfamilar with silver twinkies understand that for Airstreams, just like Twinkies, the really good stuff is on the inside.

bobfowler 06-16-2010 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by pattimarty (Post 859976)

Seriously, let's weigh the options.

Option 1 is you could spend wonderful quality time with really long and detailed checklists.

Option 2 is you could be sitting in a comfortable chair, under your awning, nice music playing in the background, a breeze blowing through your hair, sipping a cool margarita.

I think it is pretty obvious what everyone would choose to be doing! If we ever hook up camping i'll loan you some extra copies of my checklists so you won't feel bad. And just to show you how considerate we are, we'll hold the margarita glasses while you review the checklists. Deal?

Well... While I like the idea of Option 2, I keep my hair buzzed. It's a pain relief thing, with it real short, I can't yank it out when work drives me crazy.:lol:

One of the reasons I bought a Honda EU2000i was because our battery powered Coleman blender is only good for one or two rounds of drinks before the batteries crap out! Just because we're boondocking doesn't mean we can't be civilized...:innocent:

MaxAB 06-28-2010 11:26 PM


Originally Posted by bobfowler (Post 861424)
Well... While I like the idea of Option 2, I keep my hair buzzed. It's a pain relief thing, with it real short, I can't yank it out when work drives me crazy.:lol:

One of the reasons I bought a Honda EU2000i was because our battery powered Coleman blender is only good for one or two rounds of drinks before the batteries crap out! Just because we're boondocking doesn't mean we can't be civilized...:innocent:

Civilized. Exactly right... One can't have too much power available while boondocking!

pattimarty 06-30-2010 11:18 PM

Bad news to report on checklists. We joined a group of AS in DC last weekend. We arrived late and actuall skipped the checklist stuff and moved straight to getting dinner ready and opening a good bottle of red wine. 2nd night still forgot to look at the checklist, but another streamer made a campfire, we had home made apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and a few others joint with great stories. Still no checklist. Sunday we left late and i asked my wife to read the checklist and she didn't realize it went beyond the first page so we missed 3/4ths of the items. Fortunatley, before firing up the truck I jumped out and raised the tounge jack! Do i have to go through the checklists twice on the next trip to make up for missing them all on the past trip?

Sagittarius not Virgo.

More checklists in process. Posting soon.

eikel1we 11-07-2010 03:40 PM

Size Does Matter!
Hi jimmijo, welcome to Air forums - you are in good hands here!

We have a 25' Tradewind and have spent up to 3 1/2 months living in it as snowbirds. We would enjoy a larger space for that length of time for a number of reasons, but for extended traveling I think 25 ish feet is spot on. We have a good amount of inside storage, easy to handle on the road and the size is far more versatile when finding/using a campsite. Pull-thru sites are getting more plentiful but you can't park the big ones just any place. My husband would like a bigger Airstream whether parked for snowbirding or long touring, should we do so.

I have joined Silver Sister gatherings on two occasions now and think the 25' is perfect towing for me but know I can/will adapt if necessary. IMHO I believe all partners should know how to tow. One never knows if or when circumstances will require one to do so.

You might try looking into rentals to get a feel for your needs.

Good luck in your search,

Sphere Guy 11-13-2010 03:17 PM

Almost Newbi
Hey all, Well we've got the trigger cocked on the purchase of my AS, specifically 2008 FC23FB. It's been a 1/2 year search and was going to wait a llitle to pull the trigger, but the TT of our dreams came up and we couldn't pass it up. Let me tell you, Colonial in NJ is GREAT. Of course now we've got to go pick it up. Not concerned about the trip up but just the trip back to Texas. This is our first TT and just can't wait until we can put it to good use. I think we can start on the return trip as we'll be passing thru many states and taking it slow. I've been reading the forums diligently for tips and tricks and what a FANTASTIC place to get them. Thanks to all who have shared their experiences, good and bad. I have always said "Live by others lessons as well as what you can learn".

BTW- wher can I get the avatar for states traveled?

Thanks again.

Phly36 01-31-2011 05:49 PM

Getting a photo/avatar on my profile
I cannot seem to find the link to be able to upload a photo to be come my avatar. Where would that be?

Condoluminum 02-04-2011 03:01 PM

First go to "User Control Panel" page.. It will list subscribed threads, feedback, etc...

On left side near top, you'll see three links for "User Profile" one should say "edit User Profile Picture" That is your Avatar upload and editing link.. You can upload a small jpeg or other file type to become your Avatar picture...

bob s1 04-15-2011 11:12 AM

Hello Janet,
We are just starting with this project, we have found a Wally Byam 1955 22' Holiday, all original. We would like to clean it up and not destroy any of it's original integrity. The lino floor has been removed, there is a hole in the back corner of the plywood, which we will have to match. How to we establish if the apliances are in working order? The heater? The Water pressure for flushing toilet? This is the model that one uses a gopher hole for the black water tank. It has a shower included in the toilet area. What is the original exterior finish? This is painted AL2O4. Who do we talk to on your forum? Last travel tag on the license is 1988. Happy we found all you guys, Bob and Carla

Condoluminum 04-18-2011 03:04 PM

"Use the "Search, Luke..."
Next step is to learn how to use the "Search" tab in blue at upper right of home page for Forum Portal... Click on little arrow icon, and then type key words like "black tank add" or "old appliance test" and see the threads or message strings that appear.. Much of what you're looking for is already recorded among 500,000 posts stored here on this site... Without a black water tank, you're going to be camping only in remote wilderness, or taking along a "Gray Boy" portable holding tank.. Adding new tank while opening up flooring is popular option, and many add gray water tanks at same time..

As for flooring, it is possible to patch in sections linked to frame joists, but often they too are rusted and rotten, which is why a lot of restorers jus tlift shell off and replace all flooring in several large pieces with new marine plywood...

After confirming you don't have Argosy with painted shell (those can't be stripped unless you are going to repaint...) Aircraft Superstrip or other chemicals will remove paint from shell.. May also remove some waterproofing from joints, and will probably kill plexiglass if it gets in contact, so be very carefull.. Don't recommend sending postcard to EPA advising them of your plans, unless you're going to be working in very special place with easy drainage to secure holding or processing tanks...


Laurie Count 05-14-2011 03:53 PM

Ready to retire- I want an Airstream!
I am new to this site and I am ready to retire and want to do something different and somehow got the Airstream bug...have been reading up on these forums and while I am still interested I am re-considering due to quality issues..... But I have some time yet so will keep reading and thinking about my proposed purchase...Just seems to be so many quality control issues that most people seem to be content with....I can understand a MH has problems but cars have been made for years with doors, hatchbacks, would think the leakage issues would be rectified.. and the corrosion issues My Goodnees...BUT that being said I "am looking" and ONLY at Airstream.....I am a single woman who has been a Harley rider (driver NOT passenger -currently a 2009 Ultra Classic) for 23 years so I am NOT afraid of taking on a non-traditional challenge for recreation.....! See ya on the road someday!

Condoluminum 05-15-2011 06:19 PM

Howr Yunz doin?
Welcome to Forum... (Former resident of Pittsburgh... )

While there are tough stories of overwhelming refurb projects, there are lots of options to get into world of Airstreams affordably and withouth major headaches... There are a lot of late 1980's and early 1990's units that are in good condition, and area narrower and lighter than current models. Even post-1995 wide-bodies of 28 feet and under can be found for prices well under $20K and are likely to be ready to spend time with and requiring minimal effort..

Several key concepts for shopping when you get ready...

1. It is a nearly "national" market, meaning people will (and do..) look hundreds of miles away for Airstreams, so don't just try to find something in your local area. There are helpers here who will assist and inspect and offer opnions.. (Boy do they offer opinions.. :cool: )
2. Bambi's and mid-size units (16-19' and 23-27') tend to be most popular used models, and really large/heavy models (31-34') are often less expensive if you have a truck that can tow them...
3. Condition is far more important in pricing than year/bluebook for older trailers. A neglected and beat up/leaky/mildewed/damaged trailer is rarely worth the possible savings...
4. If you find a good one and a good deal, be prepared to have to move quickly.. Some listings stay around a long time, but great trailers at geat prices will go fast.. <And the corollary.. if a listing has been around for months, it may well be either overpriced or a bad idea...>

chowman2011 05-16-2011 07:31 AM

must be referring to the LONG Checklists

Originally Posted by r carl (Post 861167)
You must be a virgo. :lol:

Now that IS FUNNY!!!!!:lol:


Brian Hobin 05-16-2011 10:30 AM

Hi Laurie. A great resource for information is a dealer called CanAm RV. Toll free number is 866-226-2678. We talked to them for 6 months before we ever purchased our 1994 30' Air stream. We towed it for three years with our 6 cylinder Toyota Sienna (using a Hensley hitch which is invaluable) We have moved up now and use a Jeep Grand Chief Cherokee Laredo which has a 6 cylinder diesel engine.
Andy Thompson at CanAm publishes articles on towing that are quite informative. Some articles are on the CanAm website. They will forward others to you. Andy tests all types of vehicles towing 5th wheels, trailers etc. then publishes the results.
As my wife says, we do trust Andy at CanAm. He made our entry into rving possible.

drew05 05-16-2011 12:27 PM

Laurie, welcome to the forum. The only wisdom about purchasing an Airstream I can offer is go look at new ones in person, then look through the various classifieds. Your local AS dealer might even have pre-owned trailers. The size you choose is dependent on your lifestyle, and finances.
Are there QA issues with Airstreams? I'm sure there are 'bunches' of examples of poor quality and workmanship, but I am not sure Airstream is any worsse than other mfrs. We have had our trailer about 9 months, and have found a number of little items that need to be fixed, but nothing that I would say was due to poor quality.
If you take the plunge, take it out and enjoy it:)

drew05 05-16-2011 12:30 PM

Check lists can be a good thing. Consider 'forgetting' to raise the tongue jack more as a test or 'good catch', something I'm sure you won't forget again, list or no list...:)

Michael Good 06-27-2011 11:50 PM

New Airstream arriving in August
I am having a terrible time using this web site, so please forgive me if I've posted in the wrong area. I used to belong, years ago, to the Nor Cal unit and would like to find them again. Can one of you point me in the right direction?
Joan Girdler Good Thank you.

Condoluminum 06-28-2011 01:19 PM

Try looking here:

Airstream Club WBCCI NorCal Northern California Unit

MStewart 09-14-2011 02:02 PM

New Member, but might be doing this first post in the wrong place

Am newly registered on the forum but have been lurking for awhile. Certainly am appreciative of the wealth of information.

Picking up a 2011 Sport in NJ on the 23rd of this month. First Airstream but one has been on my bucket list, and at age 59, it's time. Can hardly stand the wait.

Will do short trips and then a cross country trip from Virginia to Whidbey Island, new home, next summer, with yellow lab Bailey.

For now a thanks again for the great information.


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