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68Glbtrotter 11-30-2005 08:51 PM

Removing the vent pipe
20' '68 Globetrotter
I've finally talked myself into taking off the lower panels in order to do a complete floor replacement with the shell off...basically. I have one vent pipe (from the kitchen sink) that goes into a lower panel and runs behind lower and upper panel and overhead storage and then to roof. The rest of the vent/drain system has been cut away and removed. (My other two pipes were exposed when I removed all closets/shower and were easy to remove). This one seems to be very snug and it does not budge with a strong pull. Because of this, I am afraid to pull real hard because it would be impossible to replace. For those who only removed the lower panels, did you pull this vent pipe out? This is my last panel, then it's on to the belly pan.


malconium 12-03-2005 07:02 PM

I wouldn't think you would have to pull it all the way out as long as it is not in your way. I did remove all of my interior skins but did not actually remove my vent pipe stacks entirely. I believe that I had to add a strip of wood across them in a place or two to hold them in place so they would not flop around. I just used a couple of screws to attach the strips to the nearest ribs.


68Glbtrotter 12-06-2005 08:16 PM

A picture for clarification
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Thanks for the advice Malconium. I thought I would add a picture just for clarification. This one has me perplexed. Unless anyone has pulled this off or out, It seems like the only way to get the bottom skin off is to take the upper skin and the overhead out then pull the vent out with the lower skin.

Just for update: I pulled the belly skin off the rear and found that my box that holds the Blackwater tank is completely rusted through. I stopped there because I'm afraid of what I will find at the blackwater tank. I am gathering courage to go in.......

Oh the black pellets on the ground rolled out of the belly pan at the blackwater tank and scared me to death. However, they are cracked walnuts from a "previous occupant" not the PO

malconium 12-07-2005 06:10 PM


I see what you mean about the drain pipe now. if there is enough room to do so you might just cut the drain pipe close to the wall and plan to put it back together later. The way to tell if you have enough room would be to buy a plastic coupling joint and see if you can get it to fit between the wall and the first fitting. You can easily cut the pipe and putting it back together later would be simple enough. If you do cut it you might want to put some sort of tape on the two pieces to help mark how they were aligned to aid in later assembly. I think that I would consider using use a flexible rubber coupling with pipe clamps instead of the rigid glue in place plastic. I believe that they come with the clamps already in place. That would give you more adjustability later when you assemble it and should work just fine in my opinion.


68Glbtrotter 12-08-2005 02:23 PM

Flex pipe
Great idea on the flex pipe, it is just a vent after all. It's amazing how your mind becomes cloudy and it takes someone else to clarify and steer you in a different direction. I was going to slit the lower inner panel and although I would only have to cut maybe 6-8 inches, I did not want to damage the skin in anyway.

Thanks again...

malconium 12-12-2005 07:51 PM


You are welcome. Hope it works out well for you.


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