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Zeppelinium 03-25-2019 06:32 PM

No-Hinge cabinet doors
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For full access to deep cabinet space, I recommend doors that can be moved out of the way. I make doors that are held in place by "pins" and a strong cabinet catch. A wooden rail on the back of the door provides a location for two screws that act as the pins. Be careful to keep the "pins" short or they can break the cabinet rail if they are long enough to act as levers as you rotate the door out.

Attachment 336547

The two precisely located drill holes in the cabinet rail receives the pins.

Attachment 336548

The catch at the top of the door could be magnetic, but I did that a few years ago and occasionally the door would pop out while towing, so I'm using these stronger catches this time.

Attachment 336549

The installed door looks pretty normal.

Attachment 336550

This Airstream goes into the dusty desert, so I put seals on the back side of all my doors.

Attachment 336551

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