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dsatwork 02-26-2019 11:15 PM

Atwood water heater making noise after flush
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After flushing the water heater and buttoning it all back up, the gas flame became unruly and noisy. Not sure how flushing the hot water heater caused this issue. Any constructive advice is welcomed. Check out the link below for a video of what I was describing.

Thank you.


OTRA15 02-27-2019 04:58 AM

Welcome to the forum, Dave!

Check for spider or maud dauber nests inside the burner tube:

These nests can be small and tough to get out. You can usually remove the tube, blow with compressed air, and ream it out carefully with a small bottle brush, or a cotton hanky rolled up small so it will fit inside the tube. Shoot some compressed air inside the flue/tube which goes inside the heater body while you're at it.

You may have to adjust the burner tube location slighty to get a pure blue flame.

Good luck,


PS -- Did not watch video . . . keep as much distance from Goo as possible. :blink:

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