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davidz71 11-18-2005 05:54 PM

Seeing Double
I've had 2 Airstreams in my backyard since the purchase of an '86 Sovereign 25' unit in April. The '77 Excella was recently bought from me by a gentleman in Germany and was to be picked up today but the shipping company rescheduled. While taking it for my last tow, I missed a turn and ended up going down a road I have never travelled since I moved here 20 years ago. What did I see not more than a mile or so from the house but a short Airstream parked in a spot next to a barn. I turned around in a church parking lot and drove past the long driveway just as someone was getting into a car. I honked as I drove past.

I went back today and found that the Airstream is a '70 Caravel and they are thinking about putting it on ebay. It has a DuoTherm Briskair AC on the top which they had installed 10 years ago. It didn't have any dents and looked like the panels could be polished up quite nicely. I suggested they contact the forum if they were interested in selling it. They also have a '95 25' Excello in excellent shape but it is not for sale. The owners are really nice people and the woman said that she had seen both of my Airstreams just the other day as she drove down my street.

What are the chances this would happen? Not only that, a friend of mine has mentioned to me for over 10 years that I needed to meet an individual who had a couple of Airstreams but we never went over to be introduced. They live just a little over a mile from my house.

Stefrobrts 11-18-2005 06:08 PM

Amazing. I love taking roads I've never been on before, you never know what you'll see! Sounds like a real find.

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