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davejay 01-28-2019 10:12 AM

Centermatics revisited
I was cruising through some old posts, and found the one on centermatics.
We have a 325 . They do make balances for the front steers now. And I used the style for the duals for my tag axle. I suppose one could use the front wheel style, being the tag has a drum brake. I went with the dual style because out of all the wheels on these coaches, the one one most susceptible to bouncing and skidding, is the tag. The future you have the weights away from the hub, the better your balance will be. The discs are pretty close to where the wheel weights would be if they were clipped on the wheel.
Also, I read some where, that the centermatics will take out up to 12 oz of imbalance. Tire mfgers are getting pretty good at the prossess,so I don't see any real need to pre balance the wheel assembly. They also balance the whole rotating assembly. Wheel,hub,drum. It is the closest thing to an one the car balance you can get. Hunter engineering had an on the car/truck balance system, but they discontinued making it 20 years ago. Centermatics, are the next best thing. Dyna beads work too, but if they get wet, like air that has water in it, they will clump up. DJ

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