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thecatsandi 05-05-2008 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by rebel beck
Folks I've been lost in space for the last several months. Our Peppy is now listed For Sale in the classifieds due to us getting a horse trailer for the new hobby. Makes me want to cry but we have not used him since June 07 and he is just sitting in the yard. I look back on all the great times we have had with him in the last 3 years and getting to know some of you at the Can Opener Rally (first one)
But now it is time to let him raise another family.

You know it is illegal to sell ones vintage trailer. :sad:

I am sorry you will be leaving the sisterhood. Happy riding trails!

Sugarfoot 05-08-2008 06:37 PM

Becky, my fellow Airstream polishing sister ~ I just ran across your thread. I hate to see Peppy go, and I know you'll miss him. :(

I'm sure there are other wonderful things on the horizon with your son's new passion. Maybe one day you will again have another Airstream in your life. Airstream or not, I hope we meet again sometime.

rebel beck 05-10-2008 08:40 AM

The first person comes in the morning to look at him. We talked on the phone for about 30 mins and I almost lost to tears as I explained everything I new about this trailer. This guy seems like a newbie so I explained everything to detail. I almost laughed when I told him to understand Vintage is an everyday and weekend project.
I remember when I called about buying this trailer and how excited I was to go get it 500 miles away.
It will be a sad day to see it leave the driveway, but ya know when it get's in your blood it kinda stay's there so who knows there may be another one lurking in the future

maxandgeorgia 05-10-2008 12:20 PM

Hi, Becky! I was so surprised to see Peppy advertised in the forum classifieds just the other day. I wondered then what new interest had superceeded your wonderboy, and now I know: horse fever! Give Peppy a fond pat farewell and probably you will wend your way back to Airstream someday. I have to laugh about the horse hobby. When my girls were 11 and 9, and so horse crazy, like this mom before them (!), we gave them a small mare. We found out later she had been bred, and on Derby Day, she birthed a tiny colt. A week later, our vet and all of us cried together when Sparkle died unexpectedly. We were left with a tiny colt to bottle feed, so my daughters were headed into new learning. Twinkle was a whole story in himself, eventually becoming a therapy pony for another family. The girls had POA's, and then a beautiful middleaged paint mare, and eventually a leopard appaloosa. They were in 4H, so we hauled them to all the affiliated shows in our area and to State 4H. The girls didn't always win, but they were winners all the time with the responsibility and work load they adopted in order to have their horses. It's an amazing love to share with your son...may our fond memories become yours in the horsey years ahead! ~Georgia

rebel beck 05-11-2008 08:13 AM


I see you very well know what we are going thru. To see Austin's face last weekend with the red ribbon, I just new I had to do something. Plus I have to admit the little girl came back out in me also.
As we got the last stuff out of the Peppy this morning, I looked at my husband and said "Ya know we still have the tents in the attic"
I think this guy that is coming today will give him a good home, we will see, I'm going to be kinda picky on getting him a new home.

rebel beck 05-12-2008 04:39 PM

Folks the Peppy left yesterday for his new home about 30 mins. away. I have to admit I bawled like a baby when he left. My husband helped the man get back out on the hwy from our house and he admited he shed a tear as the Peppy passed him on the hwy.
Picked up the new horse trailer or new to us and waxed it today, not the same as working on the Peppy.
I promise I will be back, my husband made the comment last night as I started to bawl again, we will get another one, so yes I will be back.

rebel beck 08-21-2014 02:12 PM

I'm Back!!!!
New name and a new old trailer, and a whole new re-start of work all over!!! 1973 model this time not a 75 getting older.

The Earl/Rebel Beck

Jim & Susan 08-21-2014 06:27 PM

Welcome back, Beck! How's the antiquing going? Got any pictures of the new rig?

I'll bet if you ask one of the Moderators reeeel nice, they'll help ya get the old name back if'n ya want.


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