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AirstreamCSH 01-13-2019 07:36 PM

Outstanding Service Recived
Took our 2016 25FB to Colonial to have repairs done for a roof leak, non priming pump, black tank knife valve not closing, smell of propane in front of trailer and to do a PM check on the brakes. Trailer has a little over 15,000 miles.

Colonial RV in NJ took two days to properly diagnose and repair the problems. Along the way they fixed some latch and towel-bar issues as well. Their tech knew his trade and continually updated my wife on their progress physically showing and discussing the issues with her. Some was factory repair and some out of pocket.

They charged fairly and made sound PM recommendations.

While AS has long rested on their laurels and I wouldn’t buy one until Alde was standard, this dealer can be trusted to do the right thing on sales and service. When we went to purchase a Roadtrek, the Salesperson explained why this more expensive RV wasn’t what we needed and put us in the AS unit we purchased. If they also sold nuCamp T@B trailers, we would have purchased the one we just got from them instead.

Just had to make a positive feedback post about some good people.

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